Explaining that no evil eye

Explaining that no evil eye is so deadly to a man as the eye of self-approval, unless his eye shall have been transformed by the Light of God, so that “he hears through Me and sees through Me,” and (unless) his self shall have become selfless. در بیان آنک هیچ چشم بدی آدمی را چنان مهلک نیست کی چشم پسند خویشتن مگر کی چشم او مبدل شده باشد به نور حق که بی یسمع و بی یبصر و خویشتن او بی‌خویشتن شده

پر طاوست مبین و پای بین
تا که س العین نگشاید کمین
Do not regard thy peacock-feathers but regard thy feet, in order that the mischief of the (evil) eye may not waylay thee;
که بلغزد کوه از چشم بدان
یزلقونک از نبی بر خوان بدان
For (even) a mountain slips (from its foundations) at the eye of the wicked: read and mark in the Qur’án (the words) they cause thee to stumble.
احمد چون کوه لغزید از نظر
در میان راه بی‌گل بی‌مطر
From (their) looking (at him), Ahmad (Mohammed), (who was) like a mountain, slipped in the middle of the road, without mud and without rain.
در عجب درماند کین لغزش ز چیست
من نپندارم که این حالت تهیست
He remained in astonishment, saying, “Wherefore is this slipping? I do not think that this occurrence is empty (of meaning),”
تا بیامد آیت و آگاه کرد
کان ز چشم بد رسیدت وز نبرد
Until the Verse (of the Qur’án) came and made him aware that this had happened to him in consequence of the evil eye and enmity (of the unbelievers).
گر بدی غیر تو در دم لا شدی
صید چشم و سخره‌ی افنا شدی
(God said to the Prophet), “Had it been any one except thee, he would at once have been annihilated: he would have become the prey of the (evil) eye and in thrall to destruction;
لیک آمد عصمتی دامن‌کشان
وین که لغزیدی بد از بهر نشان
But there came (from Me) a protection, sweeping along (majestically), and thy slipping was (only) for a sign.”
عبرتی گیر اندر آن که کن نگاه
برگ خود عرضه مکن ای کم ز کاه
Take a warning, look on that mountain, and do not expose thy (petty) leaf (to destruction), O thou who art less than a straw.




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