Explaining that the prayer of the gnostic

Explaining that the prayer of the gnostic who is united with God and his petition to God are like the petition of God to Himself, for “I am to him an ear and an eye and a tongue and a hand.” God hath said, “And thou didst not throw when thou threwest, but God threw”; and there are many Verses (of the Qur’án) and Traditions and Narrations on this subject. And (what follows is) an exposition of the way in which God devises means in order that, taking hold of the sinner’s ear, they may lead him to the repentance of Nasúh. در بیان آنک دعای عارف واصل و درخواست او از حق هم‌چو درخواست حقست از خویشتن کی کنت له سمعا و بصرا و لسانا و یدا و قوله و ما رمیت اذ رمیت و لکن الله رمی و آیات و اخبار و آثار درین بسیارست و شرح سبب ساختن حق تا مجرم را گوش گرفته بتوبه‌ی نصوح آورد

آن دعا از هفت گردون در گذشت کار آن مسکین به آخر خوب گشت
That prayer traversed the Seven Heavens: the fortune of the miserable wretch (Nasúh) at last became good;
که آن دعای شیخ نه چون هر دعاست فانی است و گفت او گفت خداست
For the prayer of a Shaykh (Spiritual Director) is not like every prayer: he is naughted (fání) and his words are the words of God.
چون خدا از خود سال و کد کند پس دعای خویش را چون رد کند
Since God asks and begs of Himself, how, then, should He refuse to grant His own prayer?
یک سبب انگیخت صنع ذوالجلال که رهانیدش ز نفرین و وبال
The action of the Almighty produced a means that delivered him (Nasúh) from execration and woe.
اندر آن حمام پر می‌کرد طشت گوهری از دختر شه یاوه گشت
(Whilst) he was filling a basin in the bath, a jewel belonging to the King’s daughter was lost. 
گوهری از حلقه‌های گوش او یاوه گشت و هر زنی در جست و جو
A jewel was lost from her ear-rings, and every woman (in the bath began to take part) in the search (for it).
پس در حمام را بستند سخت تا بجویند اولش در پیچ رخت
Then they bolted the door of the bath (and made it) fast, in order that they might first look for the jewel in the folds of the furniture.
رختها جستند و آن پیدا نشد دزد گوهر نیز هم رسوا نشد
They searched (all) these articles, but it was not brought to light (there), nor was any person who had stolen the jewel discovered either.
پس به جد جستن گرفتند از گزاف در دهان و گوش و اندر هر شکاف
Then they began to search incontinently with all their might in the mouths and ears (of the bathers) and in every cleft.
در شکاف تحت و فوق و هر طرف جست و جو کردند دری خوش صدف
In rima inferiore et superiore and everywhere they searched for the pearl belonging to a beauteous oyster-shell. [In lower and upper (bodily) apertures and everywhere they searched for the pearl belonging to a beauteous oyster-shell.]
بانگ آمد که همه عریان شوید هر که هستید ار عجوز و گر نوید
Proclamation was made: “Strip, all (of you), whoever ye are, whether ye are old or young!”
یک به یک را حاجبه جستن گرفت تا پدید آید گهردانه‌ی شگفت
The lady-in-waiting began to search them, one by one, (in the hope) that the marvellous pearl might be discovered.
آن نصوح از ترس شد در خلوتی روی زرد و لب کبود از خشیتی
Nasúh, (stricken) with fear, went into a private place: his face (was) yellow (pale) and his lips blue on account of a (great) terror (which possessed him).
پیش چشم خویش او می‌دید مرگ رفت و می‌لرزید او مانند برگ
He saw death before his eyes: he went (to hide himself), trembling like a leaf.
گفت یارب بارها برگشته‌ام توبه‌ها و عهدها بشکسته‌ام
He cried, “O Lord, many a time have I turned away (from evil courses) and (then) broken my vows of penitence and my promises.
کرده‌ام آنها که از من می‌سزید تا چنین سیل سیاهی در رسید
I have done the (foul) things that were fit to be done by me, so that such a black flood (of calamity) has arrived.
نوبت جستن اگر در من رسد وه که جان من چه سختیها کشد
If my turn to be searched shall come, oh, what cruel sufferings must my soul endure!
در جگر افتاده‌استم صد شرر در مناجاتم ببین بوی جگر
A hundred sparks of fire have fallen on my heart: perceive in my orisons the smell of my (burning) heart.
این چنین اندوه کافر را مباد دامن رحمت گرفتم داد داد
May anguish like this not be the infidel’s (portion)! I clutch the skirt of (Thy) mercy. Help, help!
کاشکی مادر نزادی مر مرا یا مرا شیری بخوردی در چرا
Would that my mother had not borne me, or that a lion had devoured me in the pasture!
ای خدا آن کن که از تو می‌سزد که ز هر سوراخ مارم می‌گزد
O God, do Thou what is worthy to be done by Thee, for from every hole a snake is biting me.
جان سنگین دارم و دل آهنین ورنه خون گشتی درین رنج و حنین
I have a soul of stone, and my heart is of iron, otherwise they would have turned into blood in this sorrow and lamentation.
وقت تنگ آمد مرا و یک نفس پادشاهی کن مرا فریاد رس
The time presses and I have (only) one moment (left): act in kingly fashion, come to my aid!
گر مرا این بار ستاری کنی توبه کردم من ز هر ناکردنی
If Thou wilt cover me up (conceal my sin) this time, (henceforth) I repent of everything that ought not to be done.
توبه‌ام بپذیر این بار دگر تا ببندم بهر توبه صد کمر
Accept my repentance this once more, that I may gird myself with a hundred belts for repentance.
من اگر این بار تقصیری کنم پس دگر مشنو دعا و گفتنم
If I commit any fault (in keeping my vow) this time, then do not hearken again to my prayer and words (of entreaty).”
این همی زارید و صد قطره روان که در افتادم به جلاد و عوان
Thus was he moaning while a hundred tears flowed (from his eyes). “I have fallen,” he cried, “into the hands of the executioner and policeman.
تا نمیرد هیچ افرنگی چنین هیچ ملحد را مبادا این حنین
Let no Frank die such a death: may no mulhid (Ismá‘ílí or ‘Assassin’) have (cause to make) this lamentation!”
نوحه‌ها کرد او بر جان خویش روی عزرائیل دیده پیش پیش
He was uttering cries of mourning over his soul, (for) he saw the face of Azrael (coming) nearer and nearer.
ای خدا و ای خدا چندان بگفت که آن در و دیوار با او گشت جفت
He cried “O God, O God” so often that door and wall joined with him (echoed his words).
در میان یارب و یارب بد او بانگ آمد از میان جست و جو
He was deep in “O Lord” and “O Lord” (when suddenly) from amidst the (people engaged in) search came the (following) announcement.




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