How a conflagration occurred in the city

How a conflagration occurred in the city (Medina) in the days of ‘Umar, may God be well-pleased with him آتش افتادن در شهر به ایام عمر

آتشی افتاد در عهد عمر
همچو چوب خشک می‌‌خورد او حجر
A conflagration occurred in the time of ‘Umar: it was devouring stones as though they were dry wood.
در فتاد اندر بنا و خانه‌‌ها
تا زد اندر پر مرغ و لانه‌‌ها
It fell upon buildings and houses, until (at last) it darted at the wings and nests of birds.
نیم شهر از شعله‌‌ها آتش گرفت
آب می‌‌ترسید از آن و می‌‌شگفت‌‌
Half the city caught fire from the flames: water was afraid of it (the fire) and amazed.
مشکهای آب و سرکه می‌‌زدند
بر سر آتش کسان هوشمند
Some intelligent persons were throwing skins of water and vinegar on the fire,
آتش از استیزه افزون می‌‌شدی
می‌‌رسید او را مدد از بی‌‌حدی‌‌
(But) out of spite (obstinacy) the fire was increasing: aid was coming to it from One who is infinite.
خلق آمد جانب عمر شتاب
کاتش ما می‌‌نمیرد هیچ از آب‌‌
The people came in haste to ‘Umar, saying, “Our fire will not be quenched at all by water.”
گفت آن آتش ز آیات خداست
شعله‌‌ای از آتش بخل شماست‌‌
He said, “That fire is one of God’s signs: ’tis a flame from the fire of your avarice.
آب بگذارید و نان قسمت کنید
بخل بگذارید اگر آل منید
What are water and vinegar? Deal out bread (in charity), discard avarice if ye are my people (followers).”
خلق گفتندش که در بگشوده‌‌ایم
ما سخی و اهل فتوت بوده‌‌ایم‌‌
The folk said to him, “We have opened our doors, we have been bountiful and devoted to generosity.”
گفت نان در رسم و عادت داده‌‌اید
دست از بهر خدا نگشاده‌‌اید
He replied, “Ye have given bread by rule and habit, ye have not opened your hands for the sake of God
بهر فخر و بهر بوش و بهر ناز
نه از برای ترس و تقوی و نیاز
(Only) for glory and for ostentation and for pride, not because of fear and piety and supplication.”
مال تخم است و به هر شوره منه
تیغ را در دست هر ره زن مده‌‌
Wealth is seed, and do not lay it in every salty ground: do not put a sword in the hand of every highwayman.
اهل دین را باز دان از اهل کین
همنشین حق بجو با او نشین‌‌
Distinguish the friends of the Religion (ahl-i Dín) from the enemies of God (ahl-i kín): seek the man that sits with God, and sit with him.
هر کسی بر قوم خود ایثار کرد
کاغه پندارد که او خود کار کرد
Every one shows favour to his own folk: the fool (who shows favour to the foolish) thinks he has really done (good and religious) work.




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