The wisdom of (God’s) having created Hell

The wisdom of (God’s) having created Hell in the world hereafter and the prison of (tribulation in) the present world to the end that they may be places of worship for the arrogant (evil-doers): “Come ye willingly or unwillingly.” حکمت آفریدن دوزخ آن جهان و زندان این جهان تا معبد متکبران باشد کی ائتیا طوعا او کرها

که لیمان در جفا صافی شوند چون وفا بینند خود جافی شوند
For in (suffering) cruelty the vile are purified; when they receive kindness, they themselves become cruel.
مسجد طاعاتشان پس دوزخست پای‌بند مرغ بیگانه فخست
Therefore Hell is the mosque where they perform their devotions: a trap is the (only) fetter for a wild bird.
هست زندان صومعه‌ی دزد و لیم کاندرو ذاکر شود حق را مقیم
Prison is the cloister of the thief and villain, that there he may be constantly mindful of God.
چون عبادت بود مقصود از بشر شد عبادتگاه گردن‌کش سقر
Inasmuch as Divine worship was the object (in the creation) of mankind, Hellfire was made the place of worship for the rebellious.
آدمی را هست در هر کار دست لیک ازو مقصود این خدمت بدست
Man hath the power (of action) in everything, but this service (of God) has (ever) been the (final) object of him.
ما خلقت الجن و الانس این بخوان جز عبادت نیست مقصود از جهان
“I did not create the Jinn and mankind (save that they might serve Me).” Recite this (text). The (final) object of the world is naught but Divine worship.
گرچه مقصود از کتاب آن فن بود گر توش بالش کنی هم می‌شود
Though the (final) object of a book is the science (which it contains), (yet) if you make it a pillow (to rest on), it will become (serve as) that too;
لیک ازو مقصود این بالش نبود علم بود و دانش و ارشاد سود
But this (function of being a) pillow was not its (final) object: it (the final object) was learning and knowledge and right guidance and profit.
گر تو میخی ساختی شمشیر را برگزیدی بر ظفر ادبار را
If you have made the sword a tent-pin, you have preferred defeat to victory.
گرچه مقصود از بشر علم و هدیست لیک هر یک آدمی را معبدیست
Although the (final) object of Man is knowledge (of God) and to be rightly directed (in religion), (yet) every man hath a particular place of worship.
معبد مرد کریم اکرمته معبد مرد لیم اسقمته
The place where (the means whereby) the noble man worships is your treating him with kindness; the place where (the means whereby) the vile man worships is your making him sick (your maltreating him).
مر لیمان را بزن تا سر نهند مر کریمان را بده تا بر دهند
Smite the vile, that they may bow their heads; give to the noble, that they may yield (good) fruit.
لاجرم حق هر دو مسجد آفرید دوزخ آنها را و اینها را مزید
Necessarily God hath created a mosque for each of the twain Hell for those, and increase (of bounty) for these.
ساخت موسی قدس در باب صغیر تا فرود آرند سر قوم زحیر
Moses built the Báb-i Saghír (the Small Gate) at Jerusalem, in order that the people tormented (by evil passions) might lower their heads,
زآنک جباران بدند و سرفراز دوزخ آن باب صغیرست و نیاز
Because they were insolent and arrogant. Hell is (like) that Báb-i Saghír and (place of) humiliation.




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