How a snake-catcher stole a snake

How a snake-catcher stole a snake from another snake-catcher دزدیدن مارگیر ماری را از مارگیری دیگر

دزدکی از مارگیری مار برد
ز ابلهی آن را غنیمت می‏شمرد
A petty thief carried off a snake from a snake-catcher and in his folly was accounting it a prize.
وارهید آن مارگیر از زخم مار
مار کشت آن دزد او را زار زار
The snake-catcher escaped from the snake’s bite; the man who had robbed him was miserably killed by the snake.
مارگیرش دید پس بشناختش
گفت از جان مار من پرداختش‏
The snake-catcher saw him (dead); then he recognised him and said, “My snake has emptied him of life.
در دعا می‏خواستی جانم از او
کش بیابم مار بستانم از او
My soul was desiring of Him (God) in prayer that I might find him and take the snake from him.
شکر حق را کان دعا مردود شد
من زیان پنداشتم آن سود شد
Thanks to God that that prayer was rejected: I thought ’twas loss, but it has turned out to be gain.”
بس دعاها کان زیان است و هلاک
وز کرم می‏نشنود یزدان پاک‏
Many are the prayers which are loss and destruction, and from kindness the Holy God is not hearing them.




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