How the people of the mosque

How the people of the mosque blamed the lover-guest for (his intention of) sleeping the night there and threatened him.ملامت کردن اهل مسجد مهمان عاشق را از شب خفتن در آنجا و تهدید کردن مرورا

قوم گفتندش که هین اینجا مخسپ تا نکوبد جانستانت همچو کسپ
The people said to him, “Beware! Do not sleep here, lest the Taker of the soul pound thee like the dregs of sesame-grain,
که غریبی و نمی‌دانی ز حال کاندرین جا هر که خفت آمد زوال
For thou art a stranger and ignorant of the fact that any one who sleeps in this place perishes.
اتفاقی نیست این ما بارها دیده‌ایم و جمله اصحاب نهی
This is not an (accidental) occurrence: we and all those possessed of intelligence have ofttimes witnessed this.
هر که آن مسجد شبی مسکن شدش نیم‌شب مرگ هلاهل آمدش
To whomsoever that mosque gave lodging for a single night, poisonous death came to him at midnight.
از یکی ما تابه صد این دیده‌ایم نه به تقلید از کسی بشنیده‌ایم
We have seen this not (only) once but a hundred times: we have not heard it at second-hand from any one.
گفت الدین نصیحه آن رسول آن نصیحت در لغت ضد غلول
The Prophet said, ‘The (Mohammedan) religion is (consists in) sincerity (nasíhat)’: that nasíhat etymologically is the opposite of ghulúl (unfaithfulness).
این نصیحت راستی در دوستی در غلولی خاین و سگ‌پوستی
This nasíhat is ‘to be true in friendship’: in an act of ghulúl you are treacherous and currish.
بی خیانت این نصیحت از وداد می‌نماییمت مگرد از عقل و داد
We are showing this sincerity towards thee, without treachery, from (motives of) love: do not turn away from reason and justice!”




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