How an informer described

How an informer described a girl and exhibited the picture of her on paper, and how the Caliph of Egypt fell in love with it and sent an Amír with a mighty army to the gates of Mawsil (Mosul) and made great slaughter and devastation for the purpose (of obtaining the girl). صفت کردن مرد غماز و نمودن صورت کنیزک مصور در کاغذ و عاشق شدن خلیفه‌ی مصر بر آن صورت و فرستادن خلیفه امیری را با سپاه گران بدر موصل و قتل و ویرانی بسیار کردن بهر این غرض

مر خلیفه‌ی مصر را غماز گفت که شه موصل به حوری گشت جفت
An informer said to the Caliph of Egypt, “The King of Mawsil is wedded to a houri.
یک کنیزک دارد او اندر کنار که به عالم نیست مانندش نگار
He holds in his arms a girl like whom there is no (other) beauty in the world.
در بیان ناید که حسنش بی‌حدست نقش او اینست که اندر کاغذست
She does not admit of description, for her loveliness is beyond (all) limits: here is her portrait on paper.” 
نقش در کاغذ چو دید آن کیقباد خیره گشت و جام از دستش فتاد
When the Emperor saw the portrait on the paper, he became distraught and the cup dropped from his hand.
پهلوانی را فرستاد آن زمان سوی موصل با سپاه بس گران
Immediately he despatched to Mawsil a captain with a very mighty army,
که اگر ندهد به تو آن ماه را برکن از بن آن در و درگاه را
Saying, “If he will not give up that moon (beauty) to thee, rase his court and palace to the ground;
ور دهد ترکش کن و مه را بیار تا کشم من بر زمین مه در کنار
But if he give her up, leave him alone and bring the moon (hither), that on the earth I may embrace the moon.”
پهلوان شد سوی موصل با حشم با هزاران رستم و طبل و علم
The captain set out towards Mawsil with his retinue and with thousands of heroes and drums and banners.
چون ملخها بی‌عدد بر گرد کشت قاصد اهلاک اهل شهر گشت
(With an army) like innumerable locusts (gathered) round the crops, he resolved to destroy the inhabitants of the city.
هر نواحی منجنیقی از نبرد هم‌چو کوه قاف او بر کار کرد
On every side he brought into hostile action a mangonel (ballista) like Mount Qáf.
زخم تیر و سنگهای منجنیق تیغها در گرد چون برق از بریق
Wounds (were inflicted) by arrows and by stones from the mangonel; swords (flashed) amidst the dust, like lightning from a lightning-cloud.
هفته‌ای کرد این چنین خون‌ریز گرم برج سنگین سست شد چون موم نرم
During a (whole) week he wrought such carnage in hot fight: stone towers became unsteady as soft wax.
شاه موصل دید پیگار مهول پس فرستاد از درون پیشش رسول
The King of Mawsil saw the terrible combat: then (at last) he sent an envoy from within (the city) to him (the captain),
که چه می‌خواهی ز خون ممنان کشته می‌گردند زین حرب گران
To say, “What do you wish (to obtain) by shedding the blood of true believers? They are being killed in this grievous war.
گر مرادت ملک شهر موصلست بی‌چنین خون‌ریز اینت حاصلست
If your object is to gain possession of the city of Mawsil, look now, it is achieved without (any more) bloodshed like this.
من روم بیرون شهر اینک در آ تا نگیرد خون مظلومان ترا
I will go forth from the city: here it is for you, enter in, lest the blood of the oppressed lay hold of you (and demand vengeance);
ور مرادت مال و زر و گوهرست این ز ملک شهر خود آسان‌ترست
And if your object is riches and gold and jewels, this is even more easy than to take possession of the city.”




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