How Hárút and Márút relied upon their immaculateness

How Hárút and Márút relied upon their immaculateness and desired to mix with the people of this world and fell into temptation اعتماد کردن هاروت و ماروت بر عصمت خویش و آمیزی اهل دنیا خواستن و در فتنه افتادن‌‌

همچو هاروت و چو ماروت شهیر
از بطر خوردند زهر آلود تیر
As (for example), because of their arrogance, the celebrated Hárút and Márút were smitten by the poisoned arrow (of Divine wrath).
اعتمادی بودشان بر قدس خویش
چیست بر شیر اعتماد گاومیش‌‌
They had confidence in their holiness, (but) what (use) is it for the buffalo to have confidence in the lion?
گر چه او با شاخ صد چاره کند
شاخ شاخش شیر نر پاره کند
Though he make a hundred shifts (to defend himself) with his horn, the fierce lion will tear him to pieces limb by limb.
گر شود پر شاخ همچون خار پشت
شیر خواهد گاو را ناچار کشت‌‌
(Even) if he become as full of horns (prickles) as a hedgehog, the buffalo will inevitably be killed by the lion.
گر چه صرصر بس درختان می‌‌کند
با گیاه تر وی احسان می‌‌کند
(But) though the Sarsar wind uproots many trees, it bestows kindness on the wet grass.
بر ضعیفی گیاه آن باد تند
رحم کرد ای دل تو از قوت ملند
That violent wind had pity on the weakness of the grass: do not thou, O heart, brag vainly of thy strength.
تیشه را ز انبوهی شاخ درخت
کی هراس آید ببرد لخت لخت‌‌
How should the axe be afraid of the thickness of the branches? It cuts them to pieces.
لیک بر برگی نکوبد خویش را
جز که بر نیشی نکوبد نیش را
But it does not beat itself against a leaf, it does not beat its edge except against an edge (something hard and solid like itself).
شعله را ز انبوهی هیزم چه غم
کی رمد قصاب از خیل غنم‌‌
What does the flame care for the great quantity of firewood? How should the butcher flee in terror from the flock of sheep?
پیش معنی چیست صورت بس زبون
چرخ را معنیش می‌‌دارد نگون‌‌
What is form in the presence of (in comparison with) reality? Very feeble. ’Tis the reality of the sky that keeps it upside down (like an inverted cup).
تو قیاس از چرخ دولابی بگیر
گردشش از کیست از عقل مشیر
Judge by the analogy of the celestial wheel: from whom does its motion proceed? From directive Reason.
گردش این قالب همچون سپر
هست از روح مستر ای پسر
The motion of this shield-like body is (derived) from the veiled spirit, O son.
گردش این باد از معنی اوست
همچو چرخی کان اسیر آب جوست‌‌
The motion of this wind is from its reality, like the wheel that is captive to the water of the stream.
جر و مد و دخل و خرج این نفس
از که باشد جز ز جان پر هوس‌‌
The ebb and flow and incoming and outgoing of this breath from whom does it proceed but from the spirit that is filled with desire?
گاه جیمش می‌‌کند گه حا و دال
گاه صلحش می‌‌کند گاهی جدال‌‌
Now it (the spirit) makes it (the breath) jím, now há and dál; now it makes it peace, now strife.
همچنین این باد را یزدان ما
کرده بد بر عاد همچون اژدها
Even so our God had made this (Sarsar) wind like a (raging) dragon against ‘Ád.
باز هم آن باد را بر مومنان
کرده بد صلح و مراعات و امان‌‌
Again, He had also made that wind (to be) peace and regardfulness and safety for the true believers.
گفت المعنی هو الله شیخ دین
بحر معنیهای رب العالمین‌‌
“The Reality is Allah,” said the Shaykh of the (Mohammedan) Religion, (who is) the sea of the spiritual realities of the Lord of created beings.
جمله اطباق زمین و آسمان
همچو خاشاکی در آن بحر روان‌‌
All the tiers of earth and heaven are (but) as straws in that flowing sea.
حمله‌‌ها و رقص خاشاک اندر آب
هم ز آب آمد به وقت اضطراب‌‌
The rushing and tossing of the straws in the water is produced by the water when it is agitated.
چون که ساکن خواهدش کرد از مرا
سوی ساحل افکند خاشاک را
When it (the sea of Reality) wishes to make them (the straws) cease from struggling, it casts the straws toward the shore.
چون کشد از ساحلش در موج گاه
آن کند با او که آتش با گیاه‌‌
When it draws them from the shore into the surge it does with them that which fire does with grass.
این حدیث آخر ندارد باز ران
جانب هاروت و ماروت ای جوان‌‌
This topic is endless. Speed back, O youth, to (the story of) Hárút and Márút.




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