Comparison between Statute and analogy.

Comparison between Statute and analogy.

Comparison between Statute and analogy. تشبیه نص با قیاس

نص وحی روح قدسی دان یقین وان قیاس عقل جزوی تحت این
Know for sure that Statute is the Revelation of the Holy Spirit and that the analogy made by the individual intellect is under (subordinate to) this.
عقل از جان گشت با ادراک و فر روح او را کی شود زیر نظر
The intellect is endued with apprehension and enlightenment by the Spirit: how should the Spirit become subject to its supervision?
لیک جان در عقل تاثیری کند زان اثر آن عقل تدبیری کند
But the Spirit makes an impression on the intellect, and in consequence of that impression the intellect exercises a certain governance.
نوح‌وار ار صدقی زد در تو روح کو یم و کشتی و کو طوفان نوح
If the Spirit has declared a belief in you, as (in) Noah, where is the Sea and the Ship (Ark) and the Flood of Noah?
عقل اثر را روح پندارد ولیک نور خور از قرص خور دورست نیک
The intellect deems the impression to be the Spirit, but the light of the sun is very far from (being) the orb of the sun.
زان به قرصی سالکی خرسند شد تا ز نورش سوی قرص افکند شد
Hence a pilgrim (on the Mystic Way) is content with a loaf of bread (qursí), in order that by its light he may be thrown (directed) towards the (Divine) Orb (Qurs),
زانک این نوری که اندر سافل است نیست دایم روز و شب او آفل است
Because this light which is below is not lasting: it is sinking (every) day and night,
وانک اندر قرص دارد باش و جا غرقه‌ی آن نور باشد دایما
While he that has his abode and dwelling-place in the (Divine) Orb is plunged in that Light continually.
نه سحابش ره زند خود نه غروب وا رهید او از فراق سینه کوب
Neither does cloud waylay him nor setting (of the sun): he is delivered from heart-wringing separation.
این‌چنین کس اصلش از افلاک بود یا مبدل گشت گر از خاک بود
Such a person’s origin was from the heavens, or if he was of the earth, he has been transmuted,
زانک خاکی را نباشد تاب آن که زند بر وی شعاعش جاودان
Because a creature of earth cannot endure that its (the Sun’s) beams should strike upon it everlastingly.
گر زند بر خاک دایم تاب خور آنچنان سوزد که ناید زو ثمر
If the radiance of the sun strike upon the earth continually, it will be burned in such wise that no fruits will come from it.
دایم اندر آب کار ماهی است مار را با او کجا همراهی است
The business of the fish is always in the water: how has a snake the power of accompanying it (the fish) on its way?
لیک در که مارهای پر فن‌اند اندرین یم ماهییها می‌کنند
But in the mountain are artful snakes (who) perform the actions of fish in this Sea.
مکرشان گر خلق را شیدا کند هم ز دریا تاسه‌شان رسوا کند
Though their cunning make the people mad, still their aversion to the Sea exposes them (as hypocrites);
واندرین یم ماهیان پر فن‌اند مار را از سحر ماهی می‌کنند
And in this Sea are artful fish, (who) by magic turn snakes into fishes.
ماهیان قعر دریای جلال بحرشان آموخته سحر حلال
The fish of the deepest depth of the Sea of (Divine) Majesty: the Sea has taught them lawful magic;
بس محال از تاب ایشان حال شد نحس آنجا رفت و نیکوفال شد
Therefore through their illumination the (thing that was) absurd became a fact: the ill-starred one went thither and became auspicious.
تا قیامت گر بگویم زین کلام صد قیامت بگذرد وین ناتمام
Though I should speak on this topic till the Resurrection, a hundred Resurrections would pass, and this (discourse would still be) incomplete.




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