How Moses, on whom be peace

How Moses, on whom be peace, declared (by inspiration) from the Unseen the secret thoughts and visions of Pharaoh, in order that he might truly believe in the omniscience of God or (at least) hold that opinion. باز گفتن موسی علیه‌السلام اسرار فرعون را و واقعات او را ظهر الغیب تابخبیری حق ایمان آورد یا گمان برد

ز آهن تیره بقدرت می‌نمود
واقعاتی که در آخر خواست بود
From the dark iron (of thy nature) He, by His power, was showing forth the visions that should come to pass in the end,
تا کنی کمتر تو آن ظلم و بدی
آن همی‌دیدی و بتر می‌شدی
In order that thou might’st lessen (refrain from) that injustice and wickedness: thou wert seeing those (visions) and becoming more wicked.
نقشهای زشت خوابت می‌نمود
می‌رمیدی زان و آن نقش تو بود
He was showing unto thee hideous forms in dream: thou wert shrinking back from them, and (in reality) they were thy (own) form;
هم‌چو آن زنگی که در آیینه دید
روی خود را زشت و بر آیینه رید
Like the Ethiopian (negro) who saw in the mirror that his face was ugly, et in speculum cacavit, [Like the Ethiopian (negro) who saw in the mirror that his face was ugly, and defecated upon the mirror,] 
که چه زشتی لایق اینی و بس
زشتیم آن تواست ای کور خس
Saying, ‘How ugly thou art! Thou art deserving only of this.’ (The mirror replies), ‘My ugliness belongs to thee, O vile blind one.
این حدث بر روی زشتت می‌کنی
نیست بر من زانک هستم روشنی
Thou art putting this filth on thy ugly face: it is not on me, for I have splendour.’
گاه می‌دیدی لباست سوخته
گه دهان و چشم تو بر دوخته
At one time thou wert seeing (in vision) thy raiment burnt; at another time thy mouth and eyes stitched up;
گاه حیوان قاصد خونت شده
گه سر خود را به دندان دده
Now a (rapacious) animal seeking thy blood; now thy head in the teeth of a wild beast;
گه نگون اندر میان آبریز
گه غریق سیل خون‌آمیز تیز
Now (in thy dream thou wert) upside down in the midst of a latrine; now sunk in a fierce blood-dyed torrent;
گه ندات آمد ازین چرخ نقی
که شقیی و شقیی و شقی
Now from this pure heaven came to thee a voice crying, ‘Thou art damned, thou art damned, damned’;
گه ندات آمد صریحا از جبال
که برو هستی ز اصحاب الشمال
Now from the mountains came to thee a voice, (saying) plainly, ‘Begone! Thou art one of the people of the left hand’; 
گه ندا می‌آمدت از هر جماد
تا ابد فرعون در دوزخ فتاد
Now from every inanimate thing was coming to thee a voice (which cried), ‘Pharaoh is fallen into Hell for evermore’;
زین بترها که نمی‌گویم ز شرم
تا نگردد طبع معکوس تو گرم
(And thou sawest) worse things than these, which from shame I will not tell, lest thy perverted nature become hot (with anger).
اندکی گفتم به تو ای ناپذیر
ز اندکی دانی که هستم من خبیر
I have told thee a little, O thou who wilt not accept (my warning): from a little thou mayst know that I am acquainted (with the whole).
خویشتن را کور می‌کردی و مات
تا نیندیشی ز خواب و واقعات
Thou wert making thyself blind and dead, that thou might’st not bethink thee of the dreams and visions.
چند بگریزی نک آمد پیش تو
کوری ادراک مکراندیش تو
How long wilt thou flee? Lo, it is come to thee in despite of thy guile-meditating perception.




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