How Mu‘áwiya dealt sternly with Iblís

How Mu‘áwiya dealt sternly with Iblís. عنف کردن معاویه با ابلیس‏

گفت امیر ای راه زن حجت مگو
مر ترا ره نیست در من ره مجو
Said the Amír, “O brigand, do not argue: there is no way for you (to penetrate) into me, (so) do not seek the way.
ره زنی و من غریب و تاجرم
هر لباساتی که آری کی خرم‏
You are a brigand, and I am a stranger and merchant: how should I purchase any garments that you may bring?
گرد رخت من مگرد از کافری
تو نه ای رخت کسی را مشتری‏
Do not prowl about my property, infidel as you are: you are not one to buy the property of anybody.
مشتری نبود کسی را راه زن
ور نماید مشتری مکر است و فن‏
The brigand is not a buyer for (from) any person, and if he seem to be a buyer, ’tis (only his) deceit and artfulness.
تا چه دارد این حسود اندر کدو
ای خدا فریاد ما را زین عدو
I wonder what this envier has in his gourd! O God, help us against this enemy!
گر یکی فصلی دگر در من دمد
در رباید از من این ره زن نمد
If he pronounce one more screed (of his spells) over me, this brigand will rob me of the mantle (of my faith).




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