How they summoned the Israelites to the maydán

How they summoned the Israelites to the maydán, as a device to prevent the begetting of Moses, on whom be peace. به میدان خواندن بنی اسرائیل برای حیله‌ی ولادت موسی علیه السلام

ای اسیران سوی میدانگه روید کز شهانشه دیدن و جودست امید
“O captives, go ye to the maydán, for there is hope (for you) of seeing (Pharaoh) and (experiencing) munificence from the King of kings.”
چون شنیدند مژده اسرائیلیان تشنگان بودند و بس مشتاق آن
When the Israelites heard the glad news, they were thirsting and longing exceedingly for that (spectacle).
حیله را خوردند و آن سو تاختند خویشتن را بهر جلوه ساختند
They swallowed the trick and hastened in that direction and made themselves ready for the (promised) unveiling.




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