How Pharaoh returned from the maydán

How Pharaoh returned from the maydán to the city, glad at having parted the Israelites from their wives on the night of the conception (of Moses). بازگشتن فرعون از میدان به شهر شاد بتفریق بنی اسرائیل از زنانشان در شب حمل

شه شبانگه باز آمد شادمان کامشبان حملست و دورند از زنان
At nightfall the King came back (to the city), rejoicing and saying (to himself), “The conception is to-night, and they are far from their wives.”
خازنش عمران هم اندر خدمتش هم به شهر آمد قرین صحبتش
‘Imrán, his treasurer, also came to the city in attendance upon him as his companion.
گفت ای عمران برین در خسپ تو هین مرو سوی زن و صحبت مجو
He said, “O ‘Imrán, do thou sleep at this door. Beware! go not to thy wife or seek to lie with her.”
گفت خسپم هم برین درگاه تو هیچ نندیشم بجز دلخواه تو
He replied, “I will sleep at this portal of thine; I will think of naught but thy pleasure.”
بود عمران هم ز اسرائیلیان لیک مر فرعون را دل بود و جان
‘Imrán, too, was one of the Israelites, but he was (dear as) heart and soul to Pharaoh.
کی گمان بردی که او عصیان کند آنک خوف جان فرعون آن کند
How should he (Pharaoh) have thought that he (‘Imrán) would disobey (Pharaoh’s orders) and do that which (was) the dread of Pharaoh’s soul?




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