How Solomon, on whom be peace

How Solomon, on whom be peace

How Solomon, on whom be peace, bade the envoys of Bilqís return to her with the gifts which they had brought; and how he called Bilqís to (accept) the Faith and to abandon sun-worship. بازگردانیدن سلیمان علیه‌السلام رسولان بلقیس را به آن هدیه‌ها کی آورده بودند سوی بلقیس و دعوت کردن بلقیس را به ایمان و ترک آفتاب‌پرستی

باز گردید ای رسولان خجل
زر شما را دل به من آرید دل
“O shamefaced envoys, turn back! The gold is yours: bring unto me the heart, the (pure) heart!
این زر من بر سر آن زر نهید
کوری تن فرج استر را دهید
Lay this gold of mine on the top of that gold (of yours): date corporis caecitatem pudendo mulae.” [Lay this gold of mine on the top of that gold (of yours): give the body’s blindness (its blind desire for gold) to a (female) mule’s private part.”]
فرج استر لایق حلقه‌ی زرست
زر عاشق روی زرد اصفرست
Annulo aureo pudendum mulae idoneum est; the lover’s gold is the pallid yellow countenance; [A mule’s private part is suitable (as a hiding place) for a ring of gold; the lover’s gold is the pallid yellow countenance;]
که نظرگاه خداوندست آن
کز نظرانداز خورشیدست کان
For that (countenance) is the object of the Lord’s regard, while the mine (of gold) results from the sun’s casting looks (of favour).
کو نظرگاه شعاع آفتاب
کو نظرگاه خداوند لباب
How can (that which is) the sunbeams’ object of regard be compared with (that which is) an object of regard to the Lord of the quintessence’?
از گرفت من ز جان اسپر کنید
گرچه اکنون هم گرفتار منید
“Make of your souls a shield against my taking (you) captive, though (in truth) ye are my captives even now.”
مرغ فتنه دانه بر بامست او
پر گشاده بسته‌ی دامست او
The bird tempted by the bait is (still) on the roof: with wings outspread, it is (nevertheless) imprisoned in the trap.
چون به دانه داد او دل را به جان
ناگرفته مر ورا بگرفته دان
Inasmuch as with (all) its soul it has given its heart to (has become enamoured of) the bait, deem it caught, (though apparently it is still) uncaught.
آن نظرها که به دانه می‌کند
آن گره دان کو به پا برمی‌زند
Deem the looks which it is directing to the bait to be the knot that it is tying on its legs.
دانه گوید گر تو می‌دزدی نظر
من همی دزدم ز تو صبر و مقر
The bait says, “If thou art stealing thy looks (away from me) I am stealing from thee patience and constancy.
چون کشیدت آن نظر اندر پیم
پس بدانی کز تو من غافل نیم
When those looks have drawn thee after me, then thou wilt know that I am not inattentive to thee.”




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