How the beasts once more asserted

How the beasts once more asserted the superiority of trust in God to exertion باز ترجیح نهادن نخجیران توکل را بر جهد

جمله با وی بانگها برداشتند
کان حریصان که سببها کاشتند
They all lifted up their voices (to dispute) with him, saying, “Those covetous ones who sowed (the seed of) means,
صد هزار اندر هزار از مرد و زن
پس چرا محروم ماندند از زمن‌‌
Myriads on myriads of men and women—why, then, did they remain deprived of fortune?
صد هزاران قرن ز آغاز جهان
همچو اژدرها گشاده صد دهان‌‌
From the beginning of the world myriads of generations have opened a hundred mouths, like dragons:
مکرها کردند آن دانا گروه
که ز بن بر کنده شد ز آن مکر کوه‌‌
Those clever people devised plots (of such power) that the mountain thereby was torn up from its foundation.
کرد وصف مکرهاشان ذو الجلال
لتزول منه اقلال الجبال‌‌
The Glorious (God) described their plots (when He said): (though their guile be such) that the tops of the mountains might be moved thereby.
جز که آن قسمت که رفت اندر ازل
روی ننمود از شکار و از عمل‌‌
(But) except the portion which came to pass (was predestined) in eternity, nothing showed its face (accrued to them) from their scheming and doing.
جمله افتادند از تدبیر و کار
ماند کار و حکم‌‌های کردگار
They all fell from (failed in) plan and act: the acts and decrees of the Maker remained.
کسب جز نامی مدان ای نامدار
جهد جز وهمی مپندار ای عیار
O illustrious one, do not regard work as aught but a name! O cunning one, think not that exertion is aught but a vain fancy!”


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