How the Hypocrites cajoled

How the Hypocrites cajoled the Prophet God bless and save him!—that they might take him to the Mosque of Opposition. فریفتن منافقان پیغامبر را تا به مسجد ضرارش برند

بر رسول حق فسون‏ها خواندند
رخش دستان و حیل می‏راندند
They chanted spells over (spoke deceitful words to) the Messenger of God: they were driving (hard) the steed of cunning and craft.
آن رسول مهربان رحم کیش
جز تبسم جز بلی ناورد پیش‏
The kind and compassionate Messenger proffered (in reply) nothing but smiles, nothing but “Yes.”
شکرهای آن جماعت یاد کرد
در اجابت قاصدان را شاد کرد
He expressed (his) thanks to that company (deputation): he gladdened the envoys in (by) assent.
می‏نمود آن مکر ایشان پیش او
یک به یک ز آن سان که اندر شیر مو
Their deceit was apparent to him, point by point, in the same way as hairs in milk.
موی را نادیده می‏کرد آن لطیف
شیر را شاباش می‏گفت آن ظریف‏
That courteous one feigned not to see the hairs: that polite one said “Bravo!” to the milk.
صد هزاران موی مکر و دمدمه
چشم خوابانید آن دم ز ان همه‏
Myriad hairs of deceit and fraud (he beheld), and at that time he closed his eyes to it all.
راست می‏فرمود آن بحر کرم
بر شما من از شما مشفق‏ترم‏
That ocean of bounty spoke truly (when he said), “I am kinder unto you than you (yourselves are).
من نشسته بر کنار آتشی
با فروغ و شعله‏ی بس ناخوشی‏
I am seated at the edge of a fire with an exceedingly unpleasant blaze and flame;
همچو پروانه شما آن سو دوان
هر دو دست من شده پروانه ران‏
Ye are hastening towards it like moths, (while) both my hands have become moth-flaps (to beat you off).”
چون بر آن شد تا روان گردد رسول
غیرت حق بانگ زد مشنو ز غول‏
When the Prophet had resolved to set out (to the Mosque), the jealousy of God cried, “Do not hearken to the ghoul!
کاین خبیثان مکر و حیلت کرده‏اند
جمله مقلوب است آنچ آورده‏اند
For these wicked men have used deceit and cunning: what they have put forward is entirely the reverse (of the truth).
قصد ایشان جز سیه رویی نبود
خیر دین کی جست ترسا و جهود
Their intent was nothing but (to bring) black shame (upon thee): when have Christians or Jews sought the welfare of the (true) Religion?
مسجدی بر جسر دوزخ ساختند
با خدا نرد دغاها باختند
They (the Hypocrites) have built a mosque upon Hell’s bridge: they have played the game of trickery with God.
قصدشان تفریق اصحاب رسول
فضل حق را کی شناسد هر فضول‏
Their aim is to cause disunion amongst the Companions of the Prophet: how should any vain fool understand the grace of God?
تا جهودی را ز شام اینجا کشند
که به وعظ او جهودان سر خوشند
(They have built the Mosque) in order that they may fetch hither a Jew from Syria, with whose preaching the Jews are intoxicated.”
گفت پیغمبر که آری لیک ما
بر سر راهیم و بر عزم غزا
The Prophet said (to the Hypocrites), “Yes (I will do as ye wish), but (just now) we are intending to march and starting on a campaign.
زین سفر چون باز گردم آن گهان
سوی آن مسجد روان گردم روان‏
As soon as I return from this expedition, I will then set out to that Mosque at once.”
دفعشان کرد و به سوی غزو تاخت
با دغایان از دغا نردی بباخت‏
He (thus) put them off and hurried to the field of war: he played a game of trickery with the tricksters.
چون بیامد از غزا باز آمدند
چنگ اندر وعده‏ی ماضی زدند
When he came back from the campaign, they returned and laid hold of (demanded the fulfilment of) the past promise.
گفت حقش ای پیمبر فاش گو
غدر را ور جنگ باشد باش گو
God said to him, “O Prophet, proclaim the excuse (pretence and dissimulation), and if war be (the consequence), say, ‘Let it be!’”
گفت ای قوم دغل خامش کنید
تا نگویم رازهاتان تن زنید
He (the Prophet) said, “Ye are exceedingly bad-hearted and hostile. Hush, lest I tell your secret thoughts.”
چون نشانی چند از اسرارشان
در بیان آورد بد شد کارشان‏
When he had declared (to them) a few indications of their inmost thoughts, they were in evil plight.
قاصدان زو باز گشتند آن زمان
حاش لله حاش لله دم زنان‏
Thereupon the envoys turned back from him crying, “God forfend! God forfend!”
هر منافق مصحفی زیر بغل
سوی پیغمبر بیاورد از دغل‏
Every Hypocrite, by way of fraud, brought a Qur’án under his arm to the Prophet,
بهر سوگندان که ایمان جنتی است
ز انکه سوگندان کژان را سنتی است‏
In order to take oaths for oaths are a shield; (this they did) because (taking) oaths is a custom followed by the wicked.
چون ندارد مرد کژ در دین وفا
هر زمانی بشکند سوگند را
Since the wicked man does not keep faith in (matters of) religion, he will break (his) oath at any time.
راستان را حاجت سوگند نیست
ز انکه ایشان را دو چشم روشنی است‏
The righteous have no need of (taking) oath, because they have two clear (discerning) eyes.
نقض میثاق و عهود از احمقی است
حفظ ایمان و وفا کار تقی است‏
Breach of compacts and covenants is (the result) of stupidity; keeping of oaths and faithfulness (to one’s word) is the practice of him that fears God.
گفت پیغمبر که سوگند شما
راست گیرم یا که سوگند خدا
Said the Prophet, “Shall I take your oaths as true, or the oath of God?”
باز سوگند دگر خوردند قوم
مصحف اندر دست و بر لب مهر صوم‏
Again those people, the Qur’án in their hands and the seal of fasting on their lips, swore another oath,
که به حق این کلام پاک راست
کان بنای مسجد از بهر خداست‏
Saying, “By the truth of this holy and true Word (we swear) that the building of the Mosque is for God’s sake.
اندر آن جا هیچ مکر و حیله نیست
اندر آن جا ذکر و صدق و یا ربی است‏
In that place there is no contrivance and deceit: in that place there is (only) commemoration (of God) and sincerity and calling unto the Lord.”
گفت پیغمبر که آواز خدا
می‏رسد در گوش من همچون صدا
The Prophet answered, “The voice of God is coming into my ear like an echo.
مهر در گوش شما بنهاد حق
تا به آواز خدا نارد سبق‏
God hath put a seal upon your ears, so that they make not haste to (hear) the voice of God.
نک صریح آواز حق می‏آیدم
همچو صاف از درد می‏پالایدم‏
Lo, the voice of God is coming to me distinctly: it is filtered clear for me, like the pure (liquor) from the dregs”
همچنان که موسی از سوی درخت
بانگ حق بشنید کای مسعود بخت‏
Even as Moses from the direction of the Bush heard the voice of God saying, “O thou of blessed fortune!”
از درخت إنی أنا الله می‏شنید
با کلام انوار می‏آمد پدید
From the Bush he was hearing (the words), “Lo, I am Allah,” and together with the words there appeared (Divine) lights.
چون ز نور وحی در می‏ماندند
باز نو سوگندها می‏خواندند
Inasmuch as they (the Hypocrites) were left in the lurch by the light of (Divine) inspiration, they once more began to recite oaths anew.
چون خدا سوگند را خواند سپر
کی نهد اسپر ز کف پیکارگر
Since God calls an oath a shield, how should the quarreller lay down the shield from his hand?
باز پیغمبر به تکذیب صریح
قد کذبتم گفت با ایشان فصیح‏
Again the Prophet, giving (them) the lie direct, said to them in plain terms, “Ye have lied.”




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