The story of the Hypocrites

The story of the Hypocrites and their building the Mosque of Opposition.قصه‏ی منافقان و مسجد ضرار ساختن ایشان‏

یک مثال دیگر اندر کژروی
شاید ار از نقل قرآن بشنوی‏
It is fit if you will hearken to another parable concerning perversity (taken) from the narrative in the Qur’án.
این چنین کژ بازیی در جفت و طاق
با نبی می‏باختند اهل نفاق‏
The Hypocrites played against the Prophet (just) such a crooked game at odd and even (as was played by Iblís against Mu‘áwiya),
کز برای عز دین احمدی
مسجدی سازیم و بود آن مرتدی‏
Saying, “Let us build a mosque for the glory of the Mohammedan religion”; and that was (really) apostasy (on their part).
این چنین کژ بازیی می‏باختند
مسجدی جز مسجد او ساختند
Such a crooked game were they playing: they built a mosque other than his mosque.
فرش و سقف و قبه‏اش آراسته
لیک تفریق جماعت خواسته‏
They constructed (well) its floor and roof and dome, but they desired to disunite the (Moslem) community.
نزد پیغمبر به لابه آمدند
همچو اشتر پیش او زانو زدند
They came to the Prophet with (guileful) entreaty: they knelt as camels before him,
کای رسول حق برای محسنی
سوی آن مسجد قدم رنجه کنی‏
Saying, “O Messenger of God, wilt thou for kindness’ sake give thyself the trouble (to walk) to that mosque,
تا مبارک گردد از اقدام تو
تا قیامت تازه باد ایام تو
To the end that it may be made blessed by thy approach may thy days flourish until the Resurrection!
مسجد روز گل است و روز ابر
مسجد روز ضرورت وقت فقر
It is a mosque for muddy and cloudy days, a mosque for days of sore distress in times of poverty,
تا غریبی یابد آن جا خیر و جا
تا فراوان گردد این خدمت‏سرا
That a (poor) stranger may get charity and room (to shelter) there, and that this house of service may be frequented,
تا شعار دین شود بسیار و پر
ز انکه با یاران شود خوش کار مر
So that the rites of the Religion may be multiplied and abound; because a bitter plight is sweetened (by being shared) with friends.
ساعتی آن جایگه تشریف ده
تزکیه‏ی ما کن ز ما تعریف ده‏
Honour that place (by thy presence) for a short while: declare us to be sincere, and give a good account of us.
مسجد و اصحاب مسجد را نواز
تو مهی ما شب دمی با ما بساز
Show favour to the mosque and its founders. Thou art the moon, we are the night: comply with us for a moment,
تا شود شب از جمالت همچو روز
ای جمالت آفتاب جان فروز
In order that by thy beauty night may be made like day, O thou whose beauty is a soul-illumining sun.”
ای دریغا کان سخن از دل بدی
تا مراد آن نفر حاصل شدی‏
Alas! would that those words had been from the heart, so that the desire of those folk might have been accomplished!
لطف کاید بی‏دل و جان در زبان
همچو سبزه‏ی تون بود ای دوستان‏
Courtesy that comes to the tongue without (sincerity of) heart and soul is like herbs on the ash-heap, O friends.
هم ز دورش بنگر و اندر گذر
خوردن و بو را نشاید ای پسر
Look at them from afar and pass on: they are not fit for eating or smelling, O son.
سوی لطف بی‏وفایان هین مرو
کان پل ویران بود نیکو شنو
Beware, do not go (incline) towards the courtesy of the faithless, for it is a ruined bridge: heed well (my warning).
گر قدم را جاهلی بر وی زند
بشکند پل و آن قدم را بشکند
If a fool set foot on it, the bridge will break, and will shatter that foot of his.
هر کجا لشکر شکسته می‏شود
او دو سه سست مخنث می‏بود
Wherever an army is routed, it is because of two or three effeminate weaklings.
در صف آید با سلاح او مردوار
دل بر او بنهند کاینک یار غار
He (the poltroon) comes armed into the battle-line, like a man: they (the soldiers) put their trust in him, saying, “Here’s the Comrade of the Cave.”
رو بگرداند چو بیند زخمها
رفتن او بشکند پشت ترا
He turns his face (in flight) when he sees wounds: his going breaks your back.
این دراز است و فراوان می‏شود
و آن چه مقصود است پنهان می‏شود
This (topic) is long and is expanding, and that which is aimed at is becoming hidden (from sight).




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