How the king sent messages

How the king sent messages in secret to the vizier. پیغام شاه پنهان با وزیر

در میان شاه و او پیغامها
شاه را پنهان بدو آرامها
Messages (passed) between the king and him: the king had words of comfort from him in secret.
پیش او بنوشت شه کای مقبلم
وقت آمد زود فارغ کن دلم‌‌
The king wrote to him, saying, “O my fortunate one, the time is come: quickly set my mind at ease.”
گفت اینک اندر آن کارم شها
کافکنم در دین عیسی فتنه‌‌ها
He replied: “Behold, O king, I am preparing to cast disorders into the religion of Jesus.”


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