How the vizier started another plan

How the vizier started another plan to mislead the (Christian) folk. مکر دیگر انگیختن وزیر در اضلال قوم

مکر دیگر آن وزیر از خود ببست
وعظ را بگذاشت و در خلوت نشست‌‌
The vizier formed in his mind another plan: he abandoned preaching and sat alone in seclusion.

در مریدان در فکند از شوق سوز
بود در خلوت چهل پنجاه روز
He inspired ardour in his disciples from (their) longing (to see him); he remained in seclusion forty or fifty days.
خلق دیوانه شدند از شوق او
از فراق حال و قال و ذوق او
The people became mad from longing for him and on account of being separated from his (spiritual) feeling and discourse and intuition.
لابه و زاری همی‌‌کردند و او
از ریاضت گشته در خلوت دو تو
They were making supplication and lament, while he in solitude was bent double by austerities.
گفته ایشان نیست ما را بی‌‌تو نور
بی‌‌عصا کش چون بود احوال کور
They said, “Without thee we have no light: how (what) is the state of a blind man without a leader?
از سر اکرام و از بهر خدا
بیش از این ما را مدار از خود جدا
By way of showing favour (to us) and for God’s sake, do not keep us parted from thee any longer.
ما چو طفلانیم و ما را دایه تو
بر سر ما گستران آن سایه تو
We are as children and thou art our nurse: do thou spread over us that shadow (of thy protection).”
گفت جانم از محبان دور نیست
لیک بیرون آمدن دستور نیست‌‌
He said, “My soul is not far from them that love (me), but there is no permission to come forth.”

آن امیران در شفاعت آمدند
و آن مریدان در شناعت آمدند
Those amírs came for intercession, and the disciples came in reproach,
کاین چه بد بختی است ما را ای کریم
از دل و دین مانده ما بی‌‌تو یتیم‌‌
Saying, “O noble sir, what a misfortune is this for us! Without thee we are left orphaned (deprived) of our hearts and our religion.
تو بهانه می‌‌کنی و ما ز درد
می‌‌زنیم از سوز دل دمهای سرد
Thou art making a pretence while we in grief are heaving cold (fruitless) sighs from the burning heat of our hearts.
ما به گفتار خوشت خو کرده‌‌ایم
ما ز شیر حکمت تو خورده‌‌ایم‌‌
We have become accustomed to thy sweet discourse, we have drunk of the milk of thy wisdom.
الله الله این جفا با ما مکن
خیر کن امروز را فردا مکن‌‌
Allah! Allah! do not thou (O vizier) treat us with such cruelty: show kindness to-day, do not (put off till) to-morrow.
می‌‌دهد دل مر ترا کاین بی‌‌دلان
بی‌‌تو گردند آخر از بی‌‌حاصلان‌‌
Does thy heart give to thee (consent) that these who have lost their hearts (to thee) should at last, being without thee, become (numbered) amongst them that have nothing left?
جمله در خشکی چو ماهی می‌‌تپند
آب را بگشا ز جو بر دار بند
They all are writhing like fishes on dry land: let loose the water, remove the dam from the stream.
ای که چون تو در زمانه نیست کس
الله الله خلق را فریاد رس‌‌
O thou like whom there is none in the world, for God’s sake, for God’s sake, come to the aid of thy people!”


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