How they asked Jesus

How they asked Jesus, on whom be peace, saying, “O Spirit of God, what is the hardest thing to bear of all the hard things in existence?” سال کردن از عیسی علیه‌السلام کی در وجود از همه‌ی صعبها صعب‌تر چیست

گفت عیسی را یکی هشیار سر
چیست در هستی ز جمله صعب‌تر
A sober-minded man said to Jesus, “What is the hardest to bear of all things in existence?”
گفتش ای جان صعب‌تر خشم خدا
که از آن دوزخ همی لرزد چو ما
He replied, “O (my dear) soul, the hardest is God’s anger, on account of which Hell is trembling as we (are).”
گفت ازین خشم خدا چه بود امان
گفت ترک خشم خویش اندر زمان
He said, “What is the security against this anger of God?” Jesus said, “To abandon thine own anger at once.”
پس عوان که معدن این خشم گشت
خشم زشتش از سبع هم در گذشت
Therefore, as the policeman became this anger’s mine (source), his ugly anger surpassed even (that of) a wild beast.
چه امیدستش به رحمت جز مگر
باز گردد زان صفت آن بی‌هنر
What hope is there for him of (Divine) mercy, unless perchance that graceless man should turn back from that (vile) quality?
گرچه عالم را ازیشان چاره نیست
این سخن اندر ضلال افکندنیست
Although the world cannot do without them, this statement is a (means of) casting (those who hear it) into error.
چاره نبود هم جهان را از چمین
لیک نبود آن چمین ماء معین
The world cannot do without urine either, but that urine is not clear running water.




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