How worthless sayings find acceptance

How worthless sayings find acceptance

How worthless sayings find acceptance in the minds of worthless folk. پذیرا آمدن سخن باطل در دل باطلان‏

گفت اینک راست پذرفتم به جان
کج نماید راست در پیش کجان‏
He (the fool) said, “Here you are, this is the truth! I accept (it) with (all) my soul.” Wrong seems right to the wrong-minded.
گر بگویی احولی را مه یکی است
گویدت این دوست و در وحدت شکی است‏
If you say to a squinting man, “The moon is one,” he will say to you, “These are two (moons); and there is a (great) doubt as to (the moon’s) being one”;
ور بر او خندد کسی گوید دو است
راست دارد این سزای بد خو است‏
And if somebody laughs at him and says, “There are two,” he deems it the truth. This (mockery) is what the ill-natured (ignorant and contumacious) fellow deserves.
بر دروغان جمع می‏آید دروغ
الخبیثات الخبیثین زد فروغ‏
Lies muster round (those who are living) lies: (the text) the wicked men for the wicked women has thrown light (upon this point).
دل فراخان را بود دست فراخ
چشم کوران را عثار سنگ‏لاخ‏
They whose hearts are (opened) wide (to receive spiritual truths) have wide (far-reaching) hands; they whose (spiritual) eyes are blind have to stumble on stony ground.




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