On being perplexed amidst discordant

On being perplexed amidst discordant doctrines and finding (a means of) escape and deliverance. متردد شدن در میان مذهبهای مخالف و بیرون شو و مخلص یافتن‏

همچنان که هر کسی در معرفت
می‏کند موصوف غیبی را صفت‏
(This is) even as in the matter of knowledge (of God) every one describes (differently) the Unseen Object of description.
فلسفی از نوع دیگر کرده شرح
باحثی مر گفت او را کرده جرح‏
The philosopher gives an explanation of another (a particular) kind; a scholastic theologian invalidates his statement;
و آن دگر در هر دو طعنه می‏زند
و آن دگر از زرق جانی می‏کند
And some one else jeers at both of them, while another hypocritically tires himself to death (trying to prove that he has real knowledge of God).
هر یک از ره این نشانها ز آن دهند
تا گمان آید که ایشان ز آن ده‏اند
Each one (of them) gives these indications of the Way, in order that it may be supposed that they belong to that Village.
این حقیقت دان نه حق‏اند این همه
نی بکلی گمرهانند این رمه‏
Know the truth to be this, (that) all these (various persons) are not in the right; nor (again) are this herd entirely astray,
ز انکه بی‏حق باطلی ناید پدید
قلب را ابله به بوی زر خرید
Because nothing false is shown without the True: the fool bought (desired) spurious coin in the hope of (its being) gold.
گر نبودی در جهان نقدی روان
قلبها را خرج کردن کی توان‏
If there were no current (genuine) coin in the world, how would it be possible to issue false coins?
تا نباشد راست کی باشد دروغ
آن دروغ از راست می‏گیرد فروغ‏
Unless there be truth, how should there be falsehood? That falsehood receives brilliance (prestige and reputation) from truth.
بر امید راست کژ را می‏خرند
زهر در قندی رود آن گه خورند
They buy (desire) the wrong in hope of (its being) the right: (if) poison go into a piece of sugar, then (and then only) they eat (poison).
گر نباشد گندم محبوب نوش
چه برد گندم‏نمای جو فروش‏
If there be no savoury wheat, what shall he get who sells barley, pretending that it is wheat?
پس مگو کاین جمله دمها باطلند
باطلان بر بوی حق دام دلند
Do not say, then, that all these utterances are false: the false (pretenders) are a snare to the heart on the ground of (because they give) hope of truth.
پس مگو جمله خیال است و ضلال
بی‏حقیقت نیست در عالم خیال‏
Do not say, then, that all (this) is phantasy and error: without truth phantasy exists not in the world.
حق شب قدر است در شبها نهان
تا کند جان هر شبی را امتحان‏
Truth is the Night of Power (which is) hidden amidst the (other) nights in order that the soul may make trial of every night.
نه همه شبها بود قدر ای جوان
نه همه شبها بود خالی از آن‏
Not all nights are (the Night of) Power, O youth, nor are all nights void of that (Night).
در میان دلق پوشان یک فقیر
امتحان کن و آن که حق است آن بگیر
Amongst the wearers of the dervish-cloak there is one (true) dervish: make trial, and accept him that is true.
مومن کیس ممیز کو که تا
باز داند هیزکان را از فتی‏
Where is the sagacious and discerning believer, that he may distinguish effeminate wretches from men?
گر نه معیوبات باشد در جهان
تاجران باشند جمله ابلهان‏
If there be no faulty things in the world, all fools would be (shrewd) merchants.
پس بود کالا شناسی سخت سهل
چون که عیبی نیست چه نااهل و اهل‏
Then it would be very easy to know (the value of) goods: when there is no defect, what (is the difference between) the incompetent and the competent (appraiser)?
ور همه عیب است دانش سود نیست
چون همه چوب است اینجا عود نیست‏
And if everything is faulty, knowledge is of no advantage: since everything here is (common) wood, aloes-wood is not (to be found).
آن که گوید جمله حقند احمقی است
و انکه گوید جمله باطل او شقی است‏
He that says, “All are true”’tis folly (on his part); and he that says, “All are false” he is damned.
تاجران انبیا کردند سود
تاجران رنگ و بو کور و کبود
Those who trade with the prophets have gained (thereby); those who trade with colour and scent (worldly vanities) are blind and blue (miserable).
می‏نماید مار اندر چشم مال
هر دو چشم خویش را نیکو بمال‏
The snake (már) appears in the eye as riches (mál): rub both your eyes well!
منگر اندر غبطه‏ی این بیع و سود
بنگر اندر خسر فرعون و ثمود
Do not consider the happiness of this (worldly) traffic and profit: consider the perdition of Pharaoh and Thamúd.




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