Returning to the story of the sick

Returning to the story of the sick man and the visit paid (to him) by the Prophet, God bless him and grant him peace! رجعت به قصه مریض و عیادت پیغامبر علیه السلام‏

این عیادت از برای این صله است
وین صله از صد محبت حامله است‏
This visiting of the sick is for the sake of this (spiritual) attachment, and this attachment is pregnant with a hundred lovingkindnesses.
در عیادت شد رسول بی‏ندید
آن صحابی را به حال نزع دید
The peerless Prophet went to visit the sick man; he found that Companion at the last gasp.
چون شوی دور از حضور اولیا
در حقیقت گشته‏ای دور از خدا
When you become far from the presence of the saints, you have in reality become far from God.
چون نتیجه هجر همراهان غم است
کی فراق روی شاهان ز آن کم است‏
Inasmuch as the result of parting from fellow-travellers is sorrow, how is separation from the countenance of the kings (saints) less (grievous) than that?
سایه شاهان طلب هر دم شتاب
تا شوی ز آن سایه بهتر ز آفتاب‏
Hasten every moment to seek the shadow (protection) of (those) kings, that by means of that shadow you may become superior to the sun.
گر سفر داری بدین نیت برو
ور حضر باشد از این غافل مشو
If you have a journey (to make), go with this intention; and if it be (that you stay) at home, neglect not this.



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