How the gardener isolated the Súfí

How the gardener isolated the Súfí

How the gardener isolated the Súfí, the jurist, and the descendant of ‘Alí from one another. تنها کردن باغبان صوفی و فقیه و علوی را از همدیگر

باغبانی چون نظر در باغ کرد
دید چون دزدان به باغ خود سه مرد
A gardener, when he looked into the orchard, saw three men in his orchard, as (though they were) thieves:
یک فقیه و یک شریف و صوفیی
هر یکی شوخی بدی لایوفیی‏
A jurist and a Sharíf and a Súfí: each one an impudent, knavish and perfidious rogue.
گفت با اینها مرا صد حجت است
لیک جمع‏اند و جماعت قوت است‏
He said, “I have a hundred arguments against these fellows, but they are united, and a united party is (a source of) strength.
بر نیایم یک تنه با سه نفر
پس ببرمشان نخست از همدگر
I cannot cope singly with three persons, so first I will sunder them from one another.
هر یکی را من به سویی افکنم
چون که تنها شد سبیلش بر کنم‏
I will cause each one to set out in a (different) direction, and when each is alone, I will tear out his moustache.”
حیله کرد و کرد صوفی را به راه
تا کند یارانش را با او تباه‏
He employed a ruse and got the Súfí away, that he might poison (the minds of) his friends against him.
گفت صوفی را برو سوی وثاق
یک گلیم آور برای این رفاق‏
He said to the Súfí, “Go to the house and fetch a rug for these companions (of yours).”
رفت صوفی گفت خلوت با دو یار
تو فقیهی وین شریف نامدار
(As soon as) the Súfí departed, he (the gardener) said in private to the two friends, “Thou art a jurist, and this (other) is a renowned Sharíf.
ما به فتوی تو نانی می‏خوریم
ما به پر دانش تو می‏پریم‏
“Tis according to thy legal decision that we eat a loaf (of bread): ’tis by the wings of thy knowledge that we fly.
وین دگر شه زاده و سلطان ماست
سید است از خاندان مصطفاست‏
And this other is our prince and sovereign: he is a Sayyid, he is of the House of Mustafá (Mohammed).
کیست آن صوفی شکم خوار خسیس
تا بود با چون شما شاهان جلیس‏
Who is this gluttonous vile Súfí, that he should associate with kings like you?
چون بیاید مر و را پنبه کنید
هفته‏ای بر باغ و راغ من زنید
When he comes (back), drive him away and take possession of my orchard and field for a week.
باغ چه بود جان من آن شماست
ای شما بوده مرا چون چشم راست‏
What is (it to offer you) my orchard? My life is yours, O ye who have (always) been (as dear to me) as my right eye.”
وسوسه کرد و مر ایشان را فریفت
آه کز یاران نمی‏باید شکیفت‏
He made evil suggestions and beguiled them. Ah, one must not patiently suffer the loss of friends.
چون به ره کردند صوفی را و رفت
خصم شد اندر پیش با چوب زفت‏
When they had turned the Súfí away and he was gone, the enemy went after him with a stout cudgel.
گفت ای سگ صوفیی باشد که تیز
اندر آیی باغ ما تو از ستیز
“O dog,” he cried, “is it Súfism that of a sudden you come into my orchard in spite (of me)?
این جنیدت ره نمود و بایزید
از کدامین شیخ و پیرت این رسید
Did Junayd or Báyazíd direct you to behave in this way? From what Shaykh and Pír did this (instruction) reach you?”
کوفت صوفی را چو تنها یافتش
نیم کشتش کرد و سر بشکافتش‏
He beat the Súfí when he found him alone; he half killed him and cracked his head.
گفت صوفی آن من بگذشت لیک
ای رفیقان پاس خود دارید نیک‏
Said the Súfí, “Mine is over, but O comrades, take good care of yourselves!
مر مرا اغیار دانستید هان
نیستم اغیارتر زین قلتبان‏
Ye regarded me as an alien. Look out! I am not more alien than this scoundrel.
این چه من خوردم شما را خوردنی است
وین چنین شربت جزای هر دنی است‏
That (cup) which I have drunk must be drunk by you, and such a draught as this is the due of every cad.”
این جهان کوه است و گفت‏وگوی تو
از صدا هم باز آید سوی تو
This world is (like) the mountain, and (all) thy words come back to thee from the echo.
چون ز صوفی گشت فارغ باغبان
یک بهانه کرد ز آن پس جنس آن‏
After the gardener had finished with the Súfí, he invented a pretext of the same kind as the former,
کای شریف من برو سوی وثاق
که ز بهر چاشت پختم من رقاق‏
Saying, “O my Sharíf, go to the house, for I have baked (some) thin cakes of bread for breakfast.
بر در خانه بگو قیماز را
تا بیارد آن رقاق و قاز را
At the house-door tell Qaymáz to fetch those cakes and the goose.”
چون به ره کردش بگفت ای تیز بین
فقیهی ظاهر است این و یقین‏
Having sent him off, he said (to the other), “O keen-sighted one, thou art a jurist; this is manifest and sure.
او شریفی می‏کند دعوی سرد
مادر او را که داند تا که کرد
(But) he (thy friend) a Sharíf! ’Tis an absurd claim he is making. Who knows who committed adultery with his mother?
بر زن و بر فعل زن دل می‏نهید
عقل ناقص و آن گهانی اعتماد
Will ye set your hearts (rely) on woman and the deeds of woman? (Will ye acknowledge her to be of) weak mind, and then (put) trust (in her)?
خویشتن را بر علی و بر نبی
بسته است اندر زمانه بس غبی‏
Many a fool in the world has tacked himself on to ‘Alí and the Prophet and there is many a fool in the world (who will believe him).”
هر که باشد از زنا و زانیان
این برد ظن در حق ربانیان‏
Whoever is (born) of adultery and (is one) of the adulterous will think this concerning the men of God.
هر که بر گردد سرش از چرخها
همچو خود گردنده بیند خانه را
Any one whose head is made giddy by (his own) gyrations sees the house turning round like himself.
آن چه گفت آن باغبان بو الفضول
حال او بد، دور از اولاد رسول‏
What that vain talker, the gardener, said was (indicative of) his (own) condition; (it was) far from (being applicable to) the descendants of the Prophet.
گر نبودی او نتیجه مرتدان
کی چنین گفتی برای خاندان‏
If he had not been the issue of apostates, how should he have spoken thus as regards (the Prophet’s) House?
خواند افسونها شنید آن را فقیه
در پیش رفت آن ستمکار سفیه‏
He used spells (guileful words), and the jurist hearkened to them. (Then) that insolent bully went after him (the Sharíf).
گفت ای خر اندر این باغت که خواند
دزدی از پیغمبرت میراث ماند
He said, “O ass, who invited you into this orchard? Has robbery been left to you as an inheritance by the Prophet?
شیر را بچه همی‏ماند بدو
تو به پیغمبر به چه مانی بگو
The lion’s cub resembles him (the lion): in what do you resemble the Prophet? Tell (me that)!”
با شریف آن کرد مرد ملتجی
که کند با آل یاسین خارجی‏
The man (the gardener) who had sought refuge (in craft) did to the Sharíf that which a Khárijite would do to the Family of Yá-sín (Mohammed).
تا چه کین دارند دایم دیو و غول
چون یزید و شمر با آل رسول‏
(I marvel) what hatred devils and ghouls like Yazíd and Shimr always have towards the Prophet’s Family.
شد شریف از زخم آن ظالم خراب
با فقیه او گفت ما جستیم از آب‏
The Sharíf was devastated by the blows of that ruffian. He said to the jurist, “W have jumped out of the water.
پای دار اکنون که ماندی فرد و کم
چون دهل شو زخم می‏خور بر شکم‏
Do thou stand fast, now that thou art left alone and deprived (of our support). Be as a drum, suffer blows on the belly!
گر شریف و لایق و هم دم نی‏ام
از چنین ظالم تو را من کم نی‏ام‏
If I am not a Sharíf and worthy (of thee) and a (true) bosom-friend, (at any rate) I am no worse for thee than such a ruffian as this.”
شد از او فارغ بیامد کای فقیه
چه فقیهی ای تو ننگ هر سفیه‏
He (the gardener) finished with him (the Sharíf), and came up, saying, “O jurist, what (sort of) jurist are you, O you disgrace to every fool?
فتوی‏ات این است ای ببریده دست
کاندر آیی و نگویی امر هست‏
Is it your legal opinion, O convicted thief, that you may come (into my orchard) without asking leave?
این چنین رخصت بخواندی در وسیط
یا بدست این مسئله اندر محیط
Have you read such a license in the Wasít, or has this question been (so decided) in the Muhít?”
گفت حق استت بزن دستت رسید
این سزای آن که از یاران برید
“You are right,” he replied; “beat (me): you have got the upper hand. This is the fit penalty for him that parts from friends.”




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