Showing how these differences lie

Showing how these differences lie in the form of the doctrine, not in the real nature of the Way بیان آن که این اختلافات در صورت روش است نه در حقیقت راه

او ز یک رنگی عیسی بو نداشت
وز مزاج خم عیسی خو نداشت‌‌
He had no scent (perception) of the unicolority of Jesus, nor had he a disposition from (imbued with) the tincture of the dyeing-vat of Jesus.
جامه‌‌ی صد رنگ از آن خم صفا
ساده و یک رنگ گشتی چون صبا
From that pure vat a garment of a hundred colours would become as simple and one-coloured as the zephyr.
نیست یک رنگی کز او خیزد ملال
بل مثال ماهی و آب زلال‌‌
(This) is not the unicolority from which weariness ensues; nay, it is (a case) like (that of) fishes and clear water:
گر چه در خشکی هزاران رنگهاست
ماهیان را با یبوست جنگهاست‌‌
Although there are thousands of colours on dry land, (yet) fishes are at war with dryness.
کیست ماهی چیست دریا در مثل
تا بدان ماند ملک عز و جل‌‌
Who is the fish and what is the sea in (my) simile, that the King Almighty and Glorious should resemble them?
صد هزاران بحر و ماهی در وجود
سجده آرد پیش آن اکرام و جود
In (the world of) existence myriads of seas and fishes prostrate themselves in adoration before that Munificence and Bounty.

چند باران عطا باران شده
تا بدان آن بحر در افشان شده‌‌
How many a rain of largesse hath rained, so that the sea was made thereby to scatter pearls!
چند خورشید کرم افروخته
تا که ابر و بحر جود آموخته‌‌
How many a sun of generosity hath shone, so that cloud and sea learned to be bountiful!
پرتو دانش زده بر آب و طین
تا شده دانه پذیرنده‌‌ی زمین‌‌
The sunbeams of Wisdom struck on soil and clay, so that the earth became receptive of the seed.
خاک امین و هر چه در وی کاشتی
بی‌‌خیانت جنس آن برداشتی‌‌
The soil is faithful to its trust, and whatever you have sown in it, you carry away the (equivalent in) kind thereof without fraud (on the part of the soil).
این امانت ز آن امانت یافته ست
کافتاب عدل بر وی تافته ست‌‌
It has derived this faithfulness from that (Divine) faithfulness, inasmuch as the sun of Justice has shone upon it.
تا نشان حق نیارد نو بهار
خاک سرها را نکرده آشکار
Until springtide brings the token of God, the soil does not reveal its secrets.
آن جوادی که جمادی را بداد
این خبرها وین امانت وین سداد
The Bounteous One who gave to an inanimate thing these informations and this faithfulness and this righteousness,

مر جمادی را کند فضلش خبیر
عاقلان را کرده قهر او ضریر
His grace makes an inanimate thing informed, (while) His wrath makes blind the men of understanding.
جان و دل را طاقت آن جوش نیست
با که گویم در جهان یک گوش نیست‌‌
Soul and heart cannot endure that ferment: to whom shall I speak? There is not in the world a single ear (capable of apprehension).
هر کجا گوشی بد از وی چشم گشت
هر کجا سنگی بد از وی یشم گشت‌‌
Wherever there was an ear, through Him it became an eye; wherever there was a stone, through Him it became a jasper.
کیمیا ساز است چه بود کیمیا
معجزه بخش است چه بود سیمیا
He is the Maker of the elixir—what is alchemy (compared with His action)? He is a giver of miracles (to prophets)—what is magic (compared with these miracles)?
این ثنا گفتن ز من ترک ثناست
کین دلیل هستی و هستی خطاست‌‌
This uttering of praise (to Him) is (really) the omission of praise on my part, for this (praise) is a proof of (my) being, and being is a sin.
پیش هست او بباید نیست بود
چیست هستی پیش او کور و کبود
It behoves (us) to be not-being in the presence of His Being: in His presence what is (our) being? Blind and blue.
گر نبودی کور از او بگداختی
گرمی خورشید را بشناختی‌‌
Were it not blind it would have been melted (consumed) by Him: it would have known the heat of (the Divine) sun;
ور نبودی او کبود از تعزیت
کی فسردی همچو یخ این ناحیت‌‌
And were it not blue from mourning, how would this region (of phenomenal existence) have (remained) frozen like ice?


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