The words of the Prophet, may God bless and save

The words of the Prophet, may God bless and save him, “Verily, I feel the Breath of the Merciful (God) from the direction of Yemen.” قول رسول صلی الله علیه و سلم انی لاجد نفس الرحمن من قبل الیمن

گفت زین سو بوی یاری می‌رسد
کاندرین ده شهریاری می‌رسد
He (Báyazíd) said, “The scent of a friend is coming from this quarter, for a (spiritual) monarch is coming into this village.
بعد چندین سال می‌زاید شهی
می‌زند بر آسمانها خرگهی
After such and such a number of years a king will be born (here): he will pitch a tent above the heavens.
رویش از گلزار حق گلگون بود
از من او اندر مقام افزون بود
His face will be coloured with roses from the rosery of God: he will surpass me in station.”
چیست نامش گفت نامش بوالحسن
حلیه‌اش وا گفت ز ابرو و ذقن
(The disciple asked), “What is his name?” He replied, “His name is Bu ’l- Hasan,” and described his features his eyebrows and chin;
قد او و رنگ او و شکل او
یک به یک واگفت از گیسو و رو
He described his height and his complexion and his figure and spoke in detail of his locks of hair and his face.
حلیه‌های روح او را هم نمود
از صفات و از طریقه و جا و بود
He also declared his spiritual features his qualities and the way (he should follow in his religion) and his (spiritual) rank and estate.
حلیه‌ی تن هم‌چو تن عاریتیست
دل بر آن کم نه که آن یک ساعتیست
The bodily features, like the body (itself), are borrowed (transient): set not your heart on them, for they are lasting (only) one hour.
حلیه‌ی روح طبیعی هم فناست
حلیه‌ی آن جان طلب کان بر سماست
The features of the natural (animal) spirit also are perishable: seek the features of that spirit which is above the sky.
جسم او هم‌چون چراغی بر زمین
نور او بالای سقف هفتمین
Its body is on the earth, like a lamp, (but) its light is above the Seventh Roof (of heaven).
آن شعاع آفتاب اندر وثاق
قرص او اندر چهارم چارطاق
Those rays of the sun are in the house, (but) their orb is in the Fourth Dome (of heaven).
نقش گل در زیربینی بهر لاغ
بوی گل بر سقف و ایوان دماغ
The form of the rose is (placed) beneath the nose for idle pleasure’s sake, (but) the scent of the rose is on the roof and palace of the brain.
مرد خفته در عدن دیده فرق
عکس آن بر جسم افتاده عرق
A man asleep sees terror (dreams of something which terrifies him) at Aden: the reflexion thereof appears as sweat on his body.
پیرهن در مصر رهن یک حریص
پر شده کنعان ز بوی آن قمیص
The shirt (of Joseph) was in Egypt in the keeping of one exceedingly careful (of it): (the land of) Canaan was filled with the (sweet) scent of that shirt.
بر نبشتند آن زمان تاریخ را
از کباب آراستند آن سیخ را
Thereupon they wrote down the (predicted) date: they adorned the spit with the meat for roasting.
چون رسید آن وقت و آن تاریخ راست
زاده شد آن شاه و نرد ملک باخت
When the right time and date arrived, that (spiritual) king was born and played the dice of empire.
از پس آن سالها آمد پدید
بوالحسن بعد وفات بایزید
After those years (had passed), Bu ’l-Hasan appeared (in the world) after the death of Báyazíd.
جمله‌ی خوهای او ز امساک وجود
آن‌چنان آمد که آن شه گفته بود
All his dispositions, (whether in the way) of withholding tenaciously or bestowing liberally, proved to be such as that (spiritual) king (Báyazíd) had foretold.
لوح محفوظ است او را پیشوا
از چه محفوظست محفوظ از خطا
His (Báyazíd’s) guide is “the guarded tablet.” From what is it guarded? It is guarded from error.
نه نجومست و نه رملست و نه خواب
وحی حق والله اعلم بالصواب
The inspiration of God is not (like) astrology or geomancy or dreams and God best knoweth what is right.
از پی روپوش عامه در بیان
وحی دل گویند آن را صوفیان
The Súfís in explaining (their doctrine) call it (the Divine inspiration) the inspiration of the heart, in order to disguise (its real nature) from the vulgar.
وحی دل گیرش که منظرگاه اوست
چون خطا باشد چو دل آگاه اوست
Take it to be the inspiration of the heart, for it (the heart) is the place where He is seen: how should there be error when the heart is aware of Him?
ممنا ینظر به نور الله شدی
از خطا و سهو آمن آمدی
O true believer, thou hast become seeing by the light of God: thou hast become secure from error and inadvertence.




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