Showing that the rebellious sinner

Showing that the rebellious sinner

Showing that the rebellious sinner in the very act of overpowering is overpowered, and in the very moment of victory is made captive.بیان آنک طاغی در عین قاهری مقهورست و در عین منصوری ماسور

دزد قهرخواجه کرد و زر کشید او بدان مشغول خود والی رسید
The robber overpowered (murdered) the merchant and carried off the gold: he was just engaged in that (business), (when) the magistrate arrived.
گر ز خواجه آن زمان بگریختی کی برو والی حشر انگیختی
If at that time he had fled from the merchant, how should the magistrate have set the police on him?
قاهری دزد مقهوریش بود زانک قهر او سر او را ربود
The robber’s overpowering (the merchant) was (in reality) his being overpowered (and punished), because his act of violence took away his head (life).
غالبی بر خواجه دام او شود تا رسد والی و بستاند قود
(His) prevailing over the merchant becomes a trap for him, in order that the magistrate may arrive and take retaliation (on the murderer).
ای که تو بر خلق چیره گشته‌ای در نبرد و غالبی آغشته‌ای
O thou that hast become mighty over the people and art steeped in warfare and victory,
آن به قاصد منهزم کردستشان تا ترا در حلقه می‌آرد کشان
That One (God) hath purposely caused them to be routed, that all the while drawing thee on He may (at last) bring thee into the net.
هین عنان در کش پی این منهزم در مران تا تو نگردی منخزم
Beware, draw rein! Do not push on in pursuit of this fugitive, lest thou have thy nostrils pierced with a nose-ring.
چون کشانیدت بدین شیوه به دام حمله بینی بعد از آن اندر زحام
When by this device He hath drawn thee into the trap, after that thou wilt see the onset (of the people) pressing in crowds (upon thee).
عقل ازین غالب شدن کی گشت شاد چون درین غالب شدن دید او فساد
When did the intellect (ever) rejoice in this victory, inasmuch as in this victory it saw ruin?
تیزچشم آمد خرد بینای پیش که خدایش سرمه کرد از کحل خویش
The intellect is keen-eyed, possessed of foresight, for God hath powdered it with His own collyrium.
گفت پیغامبر که هستند از فنون اهل جنت در خصومتها زبون
The Prophet said that the folk of (destined for) Paradise are feeble (worsted) in quarrels, because of (their noble) accomplishments.
از کمال حزم و س الظن خویش نه ز نقص و بد دلی و ضعف کیش
Because of the perfection of their prudence and thinking ill (of themselves), not from deficiency (of intellect) and cowardice and weakness of (religious) faith.
در فره دادن شنیده در کمون حکمت لولا رجال مومنون
In giving the advantage (to their enemies) they have hearkened in secret to the wisdom of (the text), Had not there been true-believing men….
دست‌کوتاهی ز کفار لعین فرض شد بهر خلاص ممنین
To keep their hands off the accursed infidels became a duty for the sake of delivering the true believers.
قصه‌ی عهد حدیبیه بخوان کف ایدیکم تمامت زان بدان
Read the story of the covenant of Hudaybiya: (it was) He (who) restrained your hands (from them): from that (saying) perceive (what is the meaning of) the whole (story).
نیز اندر غالبی هم خویش را دید او مغلوب دام کبریا
Even in victory he (the Prophet) deemed himself subdued by the snare of Divine Majesty.
زان نمی‌خندم من از زنجیرتان که بکردم ناگهان شبگیرتان
“Tis not because I suddenly marched against you before dawn (and took you captive) that I laugh at your chains;
زان همی‌خندم که با زنجیر و غل می‌کشمتان سوی سروستان و گل
I laugh because I am dragging you in chains and shackles to the cypress garden and the roses (of Paradise).
ای عجب کز آتش بی‌زینهار بسته می‌آریمتان تا سبزه‌زار
O wonder, that we are bringing you in bonds from the merciless fire to the place abounding in verdure;
از سوی دوزخ به زنجیر گران می‌کشمتان تا بهشت جاودان
With heavy chains I am dragging you from the direction of Hell to the everlasting Paradise.”
هر مقلد را درین ره نیک و بد همچنان بسته به حضرت می‌کشد
Every blind follower in this Way, be he good or evil, He (God) is dragging, bound like that, into His Presence.
جمله در زنجیر بیم و ابتلا می‌روند این ره بغیر اولیا
All go along this Way in the chains of fear and tribulation, except the saints.
می‌کشند این راه را بیگاروار جز کسانی واقف از اسرار کار
They are dragged along this Way reluctantly, except those persons who are acquainted with the mysteries of the (Divine) action.
جهد کن تا نور تو رخشان شود تا سلوک و خدمتت آسان شود
Endeavour that thy (inward) light become radiant, so that thy travelling (in the path of devotion) and service (to God) may be made easy.
کودکان را می‌بری مکتب به زور زانک هستند از فواید چشم‌کور
You take children to school by force, because they are blind to the benefits (of knowledge);
چون شود واقف به مکتب می‌دود جانش از رفتن شکفته می‌شود
(But) when he (the child) becomes aware (of the benefits), he runs to school: his soul expands (with joy) at going.
می‌رود کودک به مکتب پیچ پیچ چون ندید از مزد کار خویش هیچ
A child goes to school in sore distress because he has seen nothing of the wages for his work;
چون کند در کیسه دانگی دست‌مزد آنگهان بی‌خواب گردد شب چو دزد
When he puts in his purse a single dáng earned by his handiwork, then he goes without sleep at night, like the thief.
جهد کن تا مزد طاعت در رسد بر مطیعان آنگهت آید حسد
Endeavour that the wages for obedience (to God) may arrive: then you will envy the obedient.
ائتیا کرها مقلد گشته را ائتیا طوعا صفا بسرشته را
(The command) come against your will is for him that has become a blind follower (of religion); come willingly is for him that is moulded of sincerity.
این محب حق ز بهر علتی و آن دگر را بی غرض خود خلتی
The former loves God for the sake of some (secondary) cause, while the other hath indeed a pure disinterested love.
این محب دایه لیک از بهر شیر و آن دگر دل داده بهر این ستیر
The former loves the Nurse, but for the sake of the milk, while the other has given his heart for the sake of this Veiled One.
طفل را از حسن او آگاه نه غیر شیر او را ازو دلخواه نه
The child (the blind follower) hath no knowledge of Her beauty: he hath no desire of Her in his heart except for milk,
و آن دگر خود عاشق دایه بود بی غرض در عشق یک‌رایه بود
While the other is, truly, the lover of the Nurse: he is disinterested, single-minded in (passionate) love.
پس محب حق باومید و بترس دفتر تقلید می‌خواند بدرس
Hence he that loves God because of hope and fear reads studiously the book of blind conformity,
و آن محب حق ز بهر حق کجاست که ز اغراض و ز علتها جداست
While he that loves God for God’s sake where is he? for he is apart from (all) self-interests and (secondary) causes.
گر چنین و گر چنان چون طالبست جذب حق او را سوی حق جاذبست
Whether he be like this or like that, inasmuch as he is a seeker (of God), God’s attraction is drawing him towards God.
گر محب حق بود لغیره کی ینال دائما من خیره
Whether he love God for something other than He, that he may continually partake of His good,
یا محب حق بود لعینه لاسواه خائفا من بینه
Or whether he love God for His very Self, for naught besides Him, in fear of separation from Him.
هر دو را این جست و جوها زان سریست این گرفتاری دل زان دلبریست
The quests and seekings of both (these lovers) are from that Source: this captivation of the heart is from that Heart-ravisher.




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