Story that some one was consulting another

Story that some one was consulting another

Story that some one was consulting another, who said, “Consult some one else, for I am your enemy.” قصه‌ی آنک کسی به کسی مشورت می‌کرد گفتش مشورت با دیگری کن کی من عدوی توم

مشورت می‌کرد شخصی با کسی
کز تردد وا ردهد وز محبسی
A certain person was consulting some one, that he might be delivered from perplexity and from a quandary.
گفت ای خوش‌نام غیر من بجو
ماجرای مشورت با او بگو
“O man of good name,” he replied, “seek another, not me, and explain to him the matter for consultation.
من عدوم مر ترا با من مپیچ
نبود از رای عدو پیروز هیچ
I am an enemy to you: do not attach yourself to me; one is never successful (never wins success) from the counsel of an enemy.
رو کسی جو که ترا او هست دوست
دوست بهر دوست لاشک خیرجوست
Go, seek one who is a friend to you: undoubtedly a friend seeks (what is) good for his friend.
من عدوم چاره نبود کز منی
کژ روم با تو نمایم دشمنی
I am an enemy: it is inevitable that from egoism I should go crookedly (play false) and show enmity towards you.
حارسی از گرگ جستن شرط نیست
جستن از غیر محل ناجستنیست
Tis not a (just) condition to demand of a wolf (that he should perform) the task of a watchman (shepherd): to demand (anything) from the wrong place is a negation of the demand.
من ترا بی‌هیچ شکی دشمنم
من ترا کی ره نمایم ره زنم
Without any doubt I am an enemy to you: how should I show you the way? I am a highwayman.
هر که باشد همنشین دوستان
هست در گلخن میان بوستان
Whoever is sitting with friends is amidst a flower-garden (though he be) in a bath-furnace.
هر که با دشمن نشیند در زمن
هست او در بوستان در گولخن
Whoever in the world sits with an enemy, he is in a bath-furnace (though he be) in a flower-garden.
دوست را مازار از ما و منت
تا نگردد دوست خصم و دشمنت
Vex not your friend by egoism, lest your friend become your adversary and enemy.
خیر کن با خلق بهر ایزدت
یا برای راحت جان خودت
Do good unto the people for your God’s sake or for the peace of your own soul,
تا هماره دوست بینی در نظر
در دلت ناید ز کین ناخوش صور
That you may always see (them) friendly in your sight, and that ugly ideas arising from hatred may not come into your heart.
چونک کردی دشمنی پرهیز کن
مشورت با یار مهرانگیز کن
Since you have behaved with enmity (towards me), abstain (from consulting me): consult a friend who arouses (your) affection.”
گفت می‌دانم ترا ای بوالحسن
که توی دیرینه دشمن‌دار من
He replied, “I know you, O Bu ’l-Hasan, to be one who has long deemed me an enemy;
لیک مرد عاقلی و معنوی
عقل تو نگذاردت که کژ روی
But you are a reasonable and spiritual man: your reason will not allow you to go crookedly (play false).”
طبع خواهد تا کشد از خصم کین
عقل بر نفس است بند آهنین
The (carnal) nature desires to take revenge on its adversary: the reason is an iron chain upon the flesh.
آید و منعش کند وا داردش
عقل چون شحنه‌ست در نیک و بدش
It comes and prevents it (the flesh) and restrains it: the reason is like a police-inspector for it in its good and evil (actions).
عقل ایمانی چو شحنه‌ی عادلست
پاسبان و حاکم شهر دلست
The reason that is allied to Faith is like a just police-inspector: it is the guardian and magistrate of the city of the heart.
هم‌چو گربه باشد او بیدارهوش
دزد در سوراخ ماند هم‌چو موش
It is mentally alert like a cat: the thief remains in the hole, like a mouse. 
در هر آنجا که برآرد موش دست
نیست گربه یا که نقش گربه است
Wherever the mouse gets the upper hand, no cat is there, or (at least) there is (only) the (unreal) form of a cat.
گربه‌ی چه شیر شیرافکن بود
عقل ایمانی که اندر تن بود
What cat (is to be compared with the reason)? The Faith regarding reason which is in the body is the lion that overthrows the lions.
غره‌ی او حاکم درندگان
نعره‌ی او مانع چرندگان
Its roar is the magistrate (controller) of the tearing (carnivorous) animals; its shout is the preventer of the browsing (herbivorous) animals.
شهر پر دزدست و پر جامه‌کنی
خواه شحنه باش گو و خواه نی
(If) the city is full of thieves and clothes robbers, let there be a police-inspector if you will, or let there be none.




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