The cause of a bird’s flying

The cause of a bird’s flying and feeding with a bird that is not of its own kind. سبب پریدن و چریدن مرغی با مرغی که جنس او نبود

آن حکیمی گفت دیدم هم تکی
در بیابان زاغ را با لکلکی‏
Said a certain sage, “I saw a crow running about in the desert with a stork.
در عجب ماندم بجستم حالشان
تا چه قدر مشترک یابم نشان‏
I marvelled long, and I investigated their case, in order that I might find the clue (as to) what it was that they had in common.
چون شدم نزدیک، من حیران و دنگ
خود بدیدم هر دوان بودند لنگ‏
When, amazed and bewildered, I approached them, (then) indeed I saw that both of them were lame.”
خاصه شهبازی که او عرشی بود
با یکی جغدی که او فرشی بود
In particular, (how should) a royal falcon, which is of the highest heaven, (consort) with an owl, which is of the low earth?
آن یکی خورشید علیین بود
وین دگر خفاش کز سجین بود
That one is the sun of ‘Illiyyún, while the other is a bat which belongs to Sijjín.
آن یکی نوری ز هر عیبی بری
وین یکی کوری گدای هر دری‏
That one is a luminary, free from every defect, while this (other) one is a blind man begging at every door.
آن یکی ماهی که بر پروین زند
وین یکی کرمی که در سرگین زید
That one is a moon that strikes (its beams) upon the Pleiades, while this (other) one is a worm that lives in dung.
آن یکی یوسف رخی عیسی نفس
وین یکی گرگی و یا خر با جرس‏
That one has the face of a Joseph, the breath of a Jesus, while this (other) one is a wolf or an ass with a bell.
آن یکی پران شده در لا مکان
وین یکی در کاهدان همچون سگان‏
That one has flown to Spacelessness, while this (other) one is in the straw-barn, like the dogs.
با زبان معنوی گل با جعل
این همی‏گوید که ای گنده بغل‏
With the tongue of (unspoken) meaning the rose is saying to the beetle this “O stinking (creature),
گر گریزانی ز گلشن بی‏گمان
هست آن نفرت کمال گلستان‏
If thou art fleeing from the rose-bed, doubtless that aversion (shown by thee) is (a sign of) the perfection of the rose-garden.
غیرت من بر سر تو دور باش
می‏زند کای خس از اینجا دور باش‏
My jealousy (sense of dignity) smites thee on the head with a baton, (warning thee to) keep far away from here, O vile one;
ور بیامیزی تو با من ای دنی
این گمان آید که از کان منی‏
For if, base wretch, thou shouldst mix with me, it will be thought that thou art of my stock.
بلبلان را جای می‏زیبد چمن
مر جعل را در چمین خوشتر وطن‏
For nightingales the garden is the proper place; for the beetle the best home is in ordure.”
حق مرا چون از پلیدی پاک داشت
چون سزد بر من پلیدی را گماشت‏
Since God has kept me pure from filth, how were it seemly to appoint a foul one for (companionship with) me?
یک رگم ز ایشان بد و آن را برید
در من آن بد رگ کجا خواهد رسید
I had (in me) a vein of them (of their nature). He (God) cut it out: how (then) will he with the vein of evil attain unto me?
یک نشان آدم آن بود از ازل
که ملایک سر نهندش از محل‏
One mark of Adam from eternity was this, that the angels should lay their heads (on the ground) before him, because it was his place (proper to his dignity).
یک نشان دیگر آن که آن بلیس
ننهدش سر که منم شاه و رئیس‏
Another mark was that Iblís, saying, “I am the king and chief,” should not lay down his head before him.
پس اگر ابلیس هم ساجد شدی
او نبودی آدم او غیری بدی‏
If, then, Iblís too had become a worshipper (of Adam), he (Adam) would not have been Adam: he would have been another.
هم سجود هر ملک میزان اوست
هم جحود آن عدو برهان اوست‏
At once the worship of every angel is the test of him, and the denial (of him) by that enemy (Iblís) is the proof of him.
هم گواه اوست اقرار ملک
هم گواه اوست کفران سگک‏
At once the acknowledgment (made) by the angels is witness for him, and the disbelief of that petty cur (Iblís) is witness for him.




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