The (Divine) wisdom in ruining

The (Divine) wisdom in ruining

The (Divine) wisdom in ruining the body by death. حکمت ویران شدن تن به مرگ

من چو آدم بودم اول حبس کرب پر شد اکنون نسل جانم شرق و غرب
Formerly, like Adam, I was imprisoned in grief; now East and West are filled with my spirit’s progeny.
من گدا بودم درین خانه چو چاه شاه گشتم قصر باید بهر شاه
I was a beggar in this dungeon-like house; (now) I have become a king: a palace is needed for a king.”
قصرها خود مر شهان را مانسست مرده را خانه و مکان گوری بسست
Truly, palaces are the place for (spiritual) kings to take their pleasure in; for him that is (spiritually) dead a grave is a sufficient house and dwelling.
انبیا را تنگ آمد این جهان چون شهان رفتند اندر لامکان
To the prophets this world seemed narrow: like kings, they went into (the world of) spacelessness.
مردگان را این جهان بنمود فر ظاهرش زفت و به معنی تنگ بر
To the (spiritually) dead this world appears splendid: its external (aspect) is large, but in reality it is narrow.
گر نبودی تنگ این افغان ز چیست چون دو تا شد هر که در وی بیش زیست
If it were not narrow, for what reason is this lamentation? Why has every one become (more) doubled (bowed with affliction) the more he lived in it?
در زمان خواب چون آزاد شد زان مکان بنگر که جان چون شاد شد
When during the time of sleep the spirit is freed (from this world), behold how it rejoices in that place (to which it goes)!
ظالم از ظلم طبیعت باز رست مرد زندانی ز فکر حبس جست
The wicked man is (then) delivered from the wickedness of his nature, the prisoner escapes from thoughts of confinement.
این زمین و آسمان بس فراخ سخت تنگ آمد به هنگام مناخ
This very wide earth and heaven becomes exceedingly narrow at the time of lying down (to sleep).
جسم بند آمد فراخ وسخت تنگ خنده‌ی او گریه فخرش جمله ننگ
It (the world) is an eye-bandage (a spell that blinds the eye): (it is) wide (in appearance), and (in reality) mighty narrow: its laughter is weeping, its glory is entirely shame.




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