The rest of the story of Hárút and Márút

The rest of the story of Hárút and Márút, and how an exemplary punishment was inflicted on them, even in this world, in the pit of Babylon باقی قصه‌‌ی هاروت و ماروت و نکال و عقوبت ایشان هم در دنیا به چاه بابل‌‌

چون گناه و فسق خلقان جهان
می‌‌شدی بر هر دو روشن آن زمان‌‌
Inasmuch as the sin and wickedness of the people of the world was becoming clearly visible to them both at that time,
دست‌‌خاییدن گرفتندی ز خشم
لیک عیب خود ندیدندی به چشم‌‌
They began to gnaw their hands in wrath, but had no eyes for their own fault.
خویش در آیینه دید آن زشت مرد
رو بگردانید از آن و خشم کرد
The ugly man saw himself in the mirror: he turned his face away from that (spectacle) and was enraged.
خویش بین چون از کسی جرمی بدید
آتشی در وی ز دوزخ شد پدید
When the self-conceited person has seen any one commit a sin, there appears in him a fire (derived) from Hell.
حمیت دین خواند او آن کبر را
ننگرد در خویش نفس گبر را
He calls that (hellish) pride defence of the Religion: he regards not the infidel soul in himself.
حمیت دین را نشانی دیگر است
که از آن آتش جهانی اخضر است‌‌
Defence of the Religion has a different character, for from that (religious) fire a (whole) world is green (verdant and flourishing).
گفت حقشان گر شما روشان‌‌گرید
در سیه کاران مغفل منگرید
God said to them, “If ye are enlightened, (nevertheless) do not look heedlessly (contemptuously) upon the doers of black deeds.
شکر گویید ای سپاه و چاکران
رسته‌‌اید از شهوت و از چاک ران‌‌
Render thanks, O Host (of Heaven) and Servants (of God)! Ye are freed from lust and sexual intercourse.
گر از آن معنی نهم من بر شما
مر شما را بیش نپذیرد سما
If I impose that kind of nature on you, Heaven will accept you no more.
عصمتی که مر شما را در تن است
آن ز عکس عصمت و حفظ من است‌‌
The preservation (from sin) which ye have in your bodies is from the reflexion of My preservation and care (of you).
آن ز من بینید نز خود هین و هین
تا نچربد بر شما دیو لعین‌‌
Oh, beware! Regard that as (coming) from Me, not from yourselves, lest the accursed Devil prevail against you.”
آن چنان که کاتب وحی رسول
دید حکمت در خود و نور اصول‌‌
As (for example) the writer of the Revelation given to the Prophet deemed the Wisdom and the Original Light (to be residing) in himself.
خویش را هم صوت مرغان خدا
می‌‌شمرد آن بد صفیری چون صدا
He was reckoning himself a fellow-songster of the Birds of God, (whereas) that (which proceeded from him) was (only) a whistle resembling an echo.
لحن مرغان را اگر واصف شوی
بر مراد مرغ کی واقف شوی‌‌
If you become an exponent (imitator) of the song of birds, how will you become acquainted with the (real) meaning of the bird?
گر بیاموزی صفیر بلبلی
تو چه دانی کاو چه دارد با گلی‌‌
If you learn the note of a nightingale, how will you know what (feelings) it has towards a rose?
ور بدانی باشد آن هم از گمان
چون ز لب جنبان گمانهای کران‌‌
Or if you do know, ’twill only be from surmise, like the conjectures formed by deaf people from those who move their lips.




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