Those who have passed away

Those who have passed away

Those who have passed away do not grieve on account of death; their only regret is to have missed the opportunities (of life). لیس للماضین هم الموت انما لهم حسره الموت

راست گفتست آن سپهدار بشر که هر آنک کرد از دنیا گذر
That captain of mankind has said truly that no one who has passed away from this world.
نیستش درد و دریغ و غبن موت بلک هستش صد دریغ از بهر فوت
Feels sorrow and regret and disappointment on account of death; nay, but he feels a hundred regrets for having missed the opportunity,
که چرا قبله نکردم مرگ را مخزن هر دولت و هر برگ را
Saying (to himself), “Why did not I make death my object (death, which is) the store-house of every fortune and every provision.
قبله کردم من همه عمر از حول آن خیالاتی که گم شد در اجل
(And why), through seeing double, did I make the lifelong object of my attention those phantoms that vanished at the fated hour?”
حسرت آن مردگان از مرگ نیست زانست کاندر نقشها کردیم ایست
The grief of the dead is not on account of death; it is because (so they say) “we dwelt upon the (phenomenal) forms,
ما ندیدیم این که آن نقش است و کف کف ز دریا جنبد و یابد علف
And this we did not perceive, that those are (mere) form and foam, (and that) the foam is moved and fed by the Sea.”
چونک بحر افکند کفها را به بر تو بگورستان رو آن کفها نگر
When the Sea has cast the foam-flakes on the shore, go to the graveyard and behold those flakes of foam!
پس بگو کو جنبش و جولانتان بحر افکندست در بحرانتان
Then say (to them), “Where is your movement and gyration (now)? The Sea has cast you into the crisis (of a deadly malady)”
تا بگویندت به لب نی بل به حال که ز دریا کن نه از ما این سال
In order that they may say to you, not with their lips but implicitly, “Ask this question of the Sea, not of us.”
نقش چون کف کی بجنبد بی ز موج خاک بی بادی کجا آید بر اوج
How should the foam-like (phenomenal) form move without the wave? How should the dust rise to the zenith without a wind?
چون غبار نقش دیدی باد بین کف چو دیدی قلزم ایجاد بین
Since you have perceived the dust, namely, the form, perceive the wind; since you have perceived the foam, perceive the ocean of Creative Energy.
هین ببین کز تو نظر آید به کار باقیت شحمی و لحمی پود و تار
Come, perceive (it), for insight (is the only thing) in you (that) avails: the rest of you is a piece of fat and flesh, a weft and warp (of bones, muscles, etc.).
شحم تو در شمعها نفزود تاب لحم تو مخمور را نامد کباب
Your fat never increased the light in candles, your flesh never became roast-meat for any one drunken with (spiritual) wine.
در گداز این جمله تن را در بصر در نظر رو در نظر رو در نظر
Dissolve the whole of this body of yours in vision: pass into sight, pass into sight, into sight!
یک نظر دو گز همی‌بیند ز راه یک نظر دو کون دید و روی شاه
One sight perceives (only) two yards of the road; another sight has beheld the two worlds and the Face of the King.
در میان این دو فرقی بی‌شمار سرمه جو والله اعلم بالسرار
Between these twain there is an incalculable difference: seek the collyrium and God best knoweth the things occult.
چون شنیدی شرح بحر نیستی کوش دایم تا برین بحر ایستی
Since you have heard the description of the sea of non-existence, continually endeavour to stand (depend) upon this sea.
چونک اصل کارگاه آن نیستیست که خلا و بی‌نشانست و تهیست
Inasmuch as the foundation of the workshop is that non-existence which is void and traceless and empty,
جمله استادان پی اظهار کار نیستی جویند و جای انکسار
(And inasmuch as) all master-craftsmen seek non-existence and a place of breakage for the purpose of exhibiting their skill,
لاجرم استاد استادان صمد کارگاهش نیستی و لا بود
Necessarily the Lord (who is) the Master of (all) masters His workshop is non-existence and naught.
هر کجا این نیستی افزون‌ترست کار حق و کارگاهش آن سرست
Wherever this non-existence is greater, (the more manifest) in that quarter is the work and workshop of God.
نیستی چون هست بالایین طبق بر همه بردند درویشان سبق
Since the highest stage is non-existence, the dervishes have outstripped all (others),
خاصه درویشی که شد بی جسم و مال کار فقر جسم دارد نه سال
Especially the dervish that has become devoid of body and (worldly) goods: poverty (deprivation) of body is the (important) matter, not beggary.
سایل آن باشد که مال او گداخت قانع آن باشد که جسم خویش باخت
The beggar is he whose (worldly) goods have melted away; the contented man is he who has gambled away (sacrificed) his body.
پس ز درد اکنون شکایت بر مدار کوست سوی نیست اسپی راهوار
Therefore do not now complain of affliction, for it is a smooth-paced horse (carrying you) towards non-existence.
این قدر گفتیم باقی فکر کن فکر اگر جامد بود رو ذکر کن
We have said so much: think of the remainder, (or) if thought be frozen (unable to move), practise recollection (of God).
ذکر آرد فکر را در اهتزاز ذکر را خورشید این افسرده ساز
Recollection (of God) brings thought into movement: make recollection to be the sun for this congealed (thought).
اصل خود جذبه است لیک ای خواجه‌تاش کار کن موقوف آن جذبه مباش
(God’s) pulling is, indeed, the original source; but, O fellow-servant, exert yourself, do not be dependent on that pulling;
زانک ترک کار چون نازی بود ناز کی در خورد جانبازی بود
For to renounce exertion is like an act of disdain: how should disdain be seemly for a devoted lover (of God)?
نه قبول اندیش نه رد ای غلام امر را و نهی را می‌بین مدام
O youth, think neither of acceptance nor refusal: regard always the (Divine) command and prohibition.
مرغ جذبه ناگهان پرد ز عش چون بدیدی صبح شمع آنگه بکش
(Then) suddenly the bird, namely, the (Divine) attraction, will fly from its nest (towards you): put out the candle as soon as you see the dawn.
چشمها چون شد گذاره نور اوست مغزها می‌بیند او در عین پوست
When the eyes have become piercing, ’tis its (the dawn’s) light (that illumines them): in the very husk it (the illumined eye) beholds the kernels.
بیند اندر ذره خورشید بقا بیند اندر قطره کل بحر را
In the mote it beholds the everlasting Sun, in the drop (of water) it beholds the entire Sea.




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