Setting forth how the Prophet

Setting forth how the Prophet

Setting forth how the Prophet, on whom be peace, said, “Verily, God most High hath friends who are concealed.” بیان آنک رسول علیه السلام فرمود ان لله تعالی اولیاء اخفیاء

قوم دیگر سخت پنهان می‌روند شهره‌ی خلقان ظاهر کی شوند
Another party go (to and fro) exceedingly hidden: how should they become well-known to the people of externals?
این همه دارند و چشم هیچ کس بر نیفتد بر کیاشان یک نفس
They possess all this (spiritual dominion), and (yet) no one’s eye falls upon their sovereignty for one moment.
هم کرامتشان هم ایشان در حرم نامشان را نشنوند ابدال هم
Both their miracles and they (themselves) are in the (Divine) sanctuary: even the Abdál do not hear their names.
یا نمی‌دانی کرمهای خدا کو ترا می‌خواند آن سو که بیا
Or art thou ignorant of the bounties of God who is calling thee to come yonder?
شش جهت عالم همه اکرام اوست هر طرف که بنگری اعلام اوست
The whole world of six directions is (filled with) His bounty: wheresoever thou lookest, it is making Him (His bounty) known.
چون کریمی گویدت آتش در آ اندر آ زود و مگو سوزد مرا
When a generous man bids thee come into the fire, come in quickly and do not say, “It will burn me.”




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