5 Simple Ways to Teach Your Child Persian

One of the keys to learning a new language is consistent exposure over time. A small amount of Persian in different formats is valuable, and it does not have to be complicated or time-consuming. You can help teach your child Persian with these surprisingly simple strategies.

If you are teaching kids Persian at home or at school, be sure to check out our Farsi Children Books.

As you know, all Persian exposure contributes to learning. It is best to jump in and get started as you determine what is the best and most Useful long-term approach for your family. As you teach your child Persian, you can always reevaluate and tap into new resources.

If you are wondering how to teach your child Persian, keep in mind that a little language every day or several times a week is more valuable than a long time now and then. Keep it simple, short, and have fun!

Best Farsi Learning Resource!

1. Music in Persian

Music is language glue. Music puts words and sounds into a child’s brain, and they stick! Sing Persian songs with actions and watch music videos to provide context for the language.

2. Daily Routines

One of the best ways to teach your child Persian is to work the language into routines. Start with this book: «Short Stories for Kids in Farsi».

3. Teach Your Child Persian with Apps

Technology can be a wonderful tool to supplement language learning. There are several apps to help you teach your child Persian, so you can try them out for a time and return to favorites. You will surely discover more, so please share your favorites in the comments whit us when you do.

online Farsi courses on YouTube:

4. Use Video to Teach Your Child Persian

Video is the easiest way to expose kids to spoken Persian from a variety of speakers. You can use videos designed specifically for Persian learners on our YouTube channel.

You can also choose scenes from favorite animated films and change the sound to Persian. Keep the clip short and repeat keywords and Persian phrases. Hearing small amounts of authentic language video is good for kids.

5. Bilingual Books

Bilingual books are a wonderful resource for exposing children to language, and you can use them in simple ways to teach your child Persian.

You may choose to read the story in English and then identify keywords in Persian and in the illustrations. You can also read the story in English and choose one key sentence on the page to read in Persian.

6. Your Child Comes Out Ahead, No Matter What

It can be intimidating to teach your child Persian. Because this language is so big, it can be hard to know where to start.

Keep in mind that a little Persian at a time is a good way to learn, and some Persian exposure is 100 times better than none. You can help teach your child Persian by keeping it simple and fun.

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