10 tips to learn Persian more accurately

There’s never a bad time to learn a foreign language. While we often think of picking up a new foreign language as a pursuit that’s best left to the young (and actually, it’s easier for children to pick up a new language without a discernable accent), it’s a beneficial and good exercise for everyone, both from a cultural and cognitive standpoint.

Researches have shown that learning a foreign language can improve memory and even delay the effects of aging, among other cognitive benefits.

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1. Write it down

Keep a diary in Persian and add in entries every day (with a Persian dictionary), roughly a page long so as to improve your written skills in the language. Alternatively, you could arrange to converse via social media with your family and friend who speaks Persian, which is one of the most agreed-upon methods of mastering the Persian language.

2. Figure out why you’re learning

Researches have found the motivation to be one of the key drivers of second-language learning. Mastering a foreign language is hard work, and it needs practice and time. Identifying why you want to learn Persian can help keep you going, even when you would rather do anything but run through another round of flashcards or have another stilted conversation. Is will become a better speaker help you at work? Will it give you greater access to Persian culture?

3. Learn some Persian cultural terms

In most of the written articles or movies, you’ll find plenty of Persian cultural terms. Be curious and find out what is behind a phrase or title, for example, جریان چیه؟ “What’s going on?”, دست نزن “Hands off”. Try to learn at least a few names of famous people in Iran: the name of the leader, a few names of sportsmen or actors, and so on.

4. If you’re going to take a class or course, make sure it’s conducted in Persian

Kids take between two and five years to fully master the grammar of their native language, even with hours of practice every day. Even if you can’t recreate that environment while you’re learning a foreign language, it helps to expose yourself to it for as much time as possible. Don’t waste vital learning time with a tutor who speaks to you just in English. Instead, take an immersive class where the teacher uses the Persian language.

5. Think

No matter how many different methods and strategies learners choose to become fluent in Persian, the almost universal opinion is that when you feel like you are “thinking” in the language, this is a sign of success. Making a significant effort to ‘say’ things in your head throughout the day in Persian is a great way of getting cognitively used to articulating your thoughts in the language. If you are a beginnerintermediate learner, try thinking of the equivalent for each thought, desire, or opinion you have, in Persian; actually, this will prepare you for complete mastery.

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6. Check out online resources

Some online libraries have language-learning software in their collections, as well as audiobooks in Persian. Rather than shelling out hundreds of dollars for a fancy online lesson plan, search about Persian textbooks.

7. Watch films, lectures, instructional videos; listen to music

Arguably one of the best activities that are open to you when learning the Persian language, watching Iranian films and listening to music at a comfortable pace (with or without subtitles, depending on your ability) can help your vocabulary to develop and help you to understand conversational conventions in Persian. Take note of words or Persian phrases that you do not know the meaning of, then learn them afterward. Also series are a good way of doing this, especially if they appeal to your sense of humor (assuming you have one!)

8. Go on a vacation

The best way to learn Persian is to immerse yourself in it. It’s more helpful to practice with native Persian speakers than other students who make the same mistakes you do and know all the same vocabulary you’ve learned, but finding native Persian speakers to chat with can be tricky in the course of a normal day. If you can’t actually take that trip to Tehran, join a meetup group of local native Persian speakers. And remember, no English!

9. Set realistic goals

If you aren’t fluent in just a few weeks, don’t give up, actually, It took you years to achieve complete fluency in your native language, after all. Please don’t be disconcerted if a 5-year-old can talk circles around you. They’ve been practicing longer.

10. Get to know more about Persian culture

Visiting Iran will not only help you be fully exposed to the language but will also allow you to learn the Persian culture. Through exposure, in fact, you can learn which is the most popular sport, how the traditional food tastes, and more.

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