5 Smart Ways to Learn Persian Vocabulary Efficiently and Fast

Learning a new foreign language has never been easier than today.

We can easily access dozens of language Apps, courses, and flashcards, mostly for free.

We are not at a loss for Persian language content or inputs to spend our evening on.

But the question is: how much of this input will you retain long term? How many new Persian words and expressions will you internalize? How to make the most out of the time we spend learning new vocabulary?

A strategic Persian vocabulary learning habit is the key to a strong and long-lasting impact on your Persian language journey. Let us show you how.

In this article, we shared a list of 5 hacks on how to learn Persian vocabulary smartly, efficiently, and fast!

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1. Learn Selectively and Meaningfully

In fact, our memory works selectively. Generally, humans tend to recall what is more relevant in their lives and what is associated with novelty. Emotions play a crucial role too, as they narrow the scope of attention, which means, that some words are retained at many others’ expense.


you should choose the material you want to use to better your target language.

What should you do?

Once a week, you have to take some time to select an article from one of your favorite topics in Persian and read it. So you are not just studying Persian, but you are reading about a topic you are interested in. For example, your mind is hungry for learning more about technology, and guess what? It is your gateway to the target language you are learning at the moment. exactly that’s what learning vocabulary efficiently is about!

How can you learn vocabulary through an article or blog you are interested in?

At first, you should read the article without taking any notes to acquire the general sentiment or just for the pleasure of reading something you like.

Secondly, you can copy the article into a Google Doc, and you have to read it again while underlining the mysterious words or sentences.

At last, you write down in your notebook only the words or sentences that had an impact on you or that you think you might want to use when you speak Persian with your teacher or friends. Bear in mind; that you wouldn’t highlight everything you don’t recognize. you have to choose just what you need.

2. Make Repetition a Priority

To learn Persian vocabulary efficiently, you need to design a strategy to review what you have studied. In fact, our brain learns through repetition and repetition is when the magic happens. As a rule, you should make sure that what you have learned previously won’t fade, thus making your efforts vane.

What strategy you can use to overcome fading memory when learning new words?

  1. You can use a notebook, an Excel sheet or a Word page will also do.
  2. You should put the date for each page and name the weekday, e.g. Monday 12th
  3. you should draw 3 columns, for example, one for the new word, one for the translation in your mother tongue, and one to put the word into context. You can use different colors for each column.
  4. You should review regularly. You can use two different ways for reviewing: on weekdays (for example, on Monday you review the Monday pages) or by day of the month (for example, on the 12th you review the other 12th of the previous months). After you finished that notebook, you can start a new notebook.
  5. A trick: when reviewing, you should just look at the third column. You have to remember the meaning of the sentence when you see it and if you don’t, have a look at the second or first column.
  6. you should highlight the words you are not able to remember.
  7. You can make your own flashcards to keep in mind the most complicated words or collocations.
  8. You can buy a set of blank index cards or simply use the Memrise app which allows you to create your own set of flashcards.

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3. Use Instagram

There are various pages on Instagram that teach Persian. On Our Instagram page, we teach Persian words and idioms and introduce Persian textbooks. Also, by subscribing Our Youtube Channel, you can watch Persian learning videos.

4. Use Handwriting

As neuroscientists said, handwriting helps our brain to retain chunks of information better. Jotting down new Persian words that you read here and there will help your brain to produce longer-lasting memories. Besides, handwriting can be a good way to slow down fast-paced lives. No matter if you write on your mobile or in your language journal, just take the time to let the language soak in.

5. Be Aware of Your Learning Style

What kind of learner are you? When you meet someone new, do you remember her/his face or her/his name/voice? If the first one, there is a big chance that you are a visual learner; if the letter, you are an auditory learner. Being one type of learner or another makes a difference when it comes to learning Persian vocabulary efficiently.

Being a visual learner means you make the most out of your learning time by reading Persian articles or visualizing the language. Being an auditory learner means that you pick up new Persian words by listening to podcasts or conversations. Use your time smartly. Please don’t do what seems cool or easy. Do what is suitable for yourself.

Last but not Least:

Learn new Persian vocabulary that’s relevant to your daily life

The last strategy is to chunk vocabulary learning into areas and topics that you find relevant and interesting. If you are into chess, learn everything about chess in Persian. If you are into bodybuilding, learn the names of the exercises, muscles, and gym equipment in Persian. You can learn everything about your job and what you do.

The chances are that when you meet a Persian speaker, you’ll be very likely talking about YOUR life. Actually, whatever you are into will inevitably come up. That’ll be your chance to shine!


Pick one or two of these language hacks, maximum, for your smart learning journey. Many language learners make a salad of learning apps, language methods, and learning strategies. Less is more. If you try something that doesn’t help you make any progress, please ditch it. Take time to design your own learning strategy, stick to it, and give yourself time to develop your own strategy. Choose your learning material and be leery of those who are promising you can learn any foreign language in no time at all.

And if you feel tired, learn to rest, not to quit. Rome was not built in a day.

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