5 Tips to Speed Up Your Persian Learning

Whether you are just a beginner or someone who has spent a number of years learning Persian, it is necessary and important to keep your language skills well-honed and to find ways to improve these skills as often as possible.

If you have at the very least a basic knowledge of Persian, then you can follow these steps to advance your knowledge of a language that is spoken in some different countries around the world.

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1. Find a native tutor to guide your learning

Having your own native Persian tutor can be a great way of ensuring regular speaking practice and error correction. Actually, this tutor can act as your native model and point of reference, as well as boost your motivation and interest in the language.

2. Try the “shadowing” method

Start by finding a short piece of audio or video clip by a native Persian speaker – this could be a 30-60 second passage from a Persian audiobook or a very short comedy sketch from Youtube. Please listen or watch this several times until you are familiar with it and clear on its meaning. Pay attention to how the Persian speaker uses intonation, emphasis, and pauses. You can make some notes on paper and transcribe the passage so you have a visual text to work from too. Now try to «shadow» the speaker by repeating the passage exactly with the same pronunciation and in the same manner. Maybe you like to record yourself doing this so you can then compare your version against the original to see where you can improve further at the next attempt.

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3. Use the internet to connect with Persian speakers

Do you have an Instagram account or enjoy playing online games? Social networks have Persian study groups you can join for free to practice your language skills with other learners from around the world. If you like online gaming, buy a microphone so you can chat with other participants in Persian while you are playing. Maybe you find you share a lot in common with other gamers worldwide!

4. Leave your mother tongue in your suitcase

Absolutely, one of the best ways to practice your Persian is to travel to Iran, but if you are traveling with friends or family who speak your language, you may not make full use of this opportunity. Leave your mother tongue in your suitcase and make a conscious effort to use Persian instead. You may want to consider some solo travel as this will force you to use Persian 24/7.

5. Learning about culture

While learning and improving your Persian language skills, it is equally important to improve your cultural understanding.

Some additional points:

A. Treat Mistakes Like Free Lessons

Most of us work so hard at being excellent in the things that we do. When it comes to learning Persian, the truth is, the more mistakes you make, the more and quicker you will learn Persian.

It is much easier to remember something if you have been corrected than if you have simply studied it in a textbook. In fact, mistakes are free lessons that are memorable, and you should embrace them. Please remember you are learning more efficiently when you learn from your mistakes.

B. Find a Few Regular Persian Language Partners

This can be a bit intimidating, but also it can be incredibly rewarding. There are a lot of native Persian speakers who want to learn English, making it easy to find language partners who can help you improve your Persian.

Please remember to set time limits for speaking both languages. It is easier to get comfortable and to speak in English more than in Persian. By establishing a time frame to speak each language, you ensure that you and your language partner both get a chance to learn.

Get Started Today

Whether you are a beginner or well into the learning experience, implementing these tips and tricks can help you increase what you remember. Take a week and implement the tips and tricks in an order that best meets your schedule.

Initially, you may feel it is hard and you have a lot of work, but after a couple of months, you will be so accustomed to these great study habits.

Speechling can help you establish the right learning methods and strategies for your needs.

We are glad to help you reach your goals.

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