How to Learn Persian: Step by Step Guide for Easy Start

you don’t know how to learn Persian by yourself? You want to know how to speak Persian, but the idea of a rigid (and expensive) formal class scares you?

This guide will show you the best way to learn Persian on your own in 8 practical steps, packed with resources and valuable tips.

Enchanted by the magic of the Persian language? Persian has this undeniable elegance to it, especially in the way it sounds. Many beginners find it challenging to master the Persian language because of grammar and spelling complexity.

In this article, we have put together bits of advice on how to learn Persian that will surely help you on your learning path, even if you’re on a busy schedule.

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8 Simple Steps to Speak Persian

The guide below will show you how to learn Persian by yourself in eight sequential steps. You’ll go from zero to Persian speaker with these tips and resource recommendations.

1. Start by learning Persian sounds

Persian letters have an intonation almost similar to English letters.
The Persian alphabet consists of 32 letters. This is the most widely used alphabet for writing consonants and vowels in Persian, which is used as a Persian script. There are 23 consonants and 6 vowels sounds in Persian. If you can speak English, you already know 20 consonants and 6 vowels. So, you are left with 3 new consonants.
To learn how to speak Persian correctly, you can schedule a private lesson with one of our native Persian tutors on Skype. An expert teacher will show you how to imitate and repeat the sounds correctly, point out all your mistakes and provide you with some tips and tricks to make a learning process as effective as possible.
All lessons are provided via user-friendly video chat, which will help you to save your time. Just find your perfect tutor on Sky and start your journey to Persian proficiency. It’s super simple!

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2. Stockpile Some Easy “Framework Words”

After you’ve mastered the Persian alphabet and letter sounds, it’s time to learn some “framework words.” These are easy, common words that will form the foundation of your vocabulary building.
Think about the words you can’t do without in English, and look up their Persian equivalents. Fantastic starters are:

  • Persian greetings
  • Yes/no
  • Please/thank you
  • Excuse me/sorry

3. Expand your Persian Vocabulary with Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives

Once you’ve picked up some basics, it’s time to expand your Persian vocabulary with nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Try to set yourself a daily goal, for example, learn 3 new nouns, verbs, and adjectives (for 9 words total) every day.
Here are some YouTube tutorial videos and Persian learning books that can help you improve your Persian vocabulary:

4. Start Putting Sentences Together

Well, you’ve got some essential Persian words, now it’s time to start using them.
This is all about learning Persian sentence structure and word order.
Luckily, people will probably know what you’re trying to communicate even if you get the Persian word order wrong, but you should do your best to try and correctly order your sentences.

5. Memorize Reusable Persian Phrases

This is one of those “language hacks” that can get you on the road to real Persian communication faster.
Now that you’ve learned Persian word order, you can start hanging out with some basic Persian phrases. Just like with single words, begin practicing simple phrases that you might say on an average day.
For example, “I would like a milk cappuccino please.”
Choose whatever would be most useful for you in daily life in Iran! (This won’t just help you learn how to speak Persian, it’s also very motivating to imagine a future life traveling or living in Iran).

6. Watch Movies in Persian (Dubbed, Then Authentic)

Once you can understand some very basic Persian, you could be creative with your learning style and watch a movie you’ve previously seen, but watch it dubbed in Persian. You can even use English subtitles to make it easier. You’ll feel like you’re really getting a hang of things when you see a Persian movie with some English subtitles and you recognize half the words. As your level improves, or to give it a boost now, try watching some Persian films with Persian subtitles. Reading the actual words you’re hearing (in Persian) as they’re spoken will be so helpful to your language pursuits.

7. Read the News in Persian

After getting exposed to some Persian movies, make sure you’re paying attention to reading comprehension skills, too. Reading Persian news is a tried and true method to do this.
Highlight any words that don’t make sense and then look them up later in a Persian dictionary.

8. Connect with Other Persian Learners or Speakers

Finally, we know this is a guide on how to learn Persian by yourself, but it’s super helpful to connect with native Persian speakers or even fellow Persian learners! Use a website like Meetup to meet with people who have an active interest in learning Persian as well, so you can all practice together. They’ll also be a source of extra accountability and motivation. You could use similar sites to meet an Iranian friend and practice speaking the language together.

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