Can I Teach Myself the Persian language?

Yes, you can learn the Persian language on your own. You can learn Persian without a teacher, classroom, or school too. You need a reliable and efficient language learning method. Plus following these 8 tips and advice doesn’t hurt either. You can actually learn Persian much faster alone, without anyone holding you back. Discover how you can successfully reach Persian fluency on your own.

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1. Beware of False Cognates in Persian

Some words in Persian have the same spelling but different meanings and these words sound similar. Learn these to avoid confusion and embarrassment.


  • دَم (Breath) – دُم (tail)
  • گُل (Flower) – گِل (Soil)
  • شیر (Milk) – شیر (Lion)

2. Start practicing some basic sentences in Persian

Learning a new set of alphabets/scripts takes time. Some Persian learners start with memorizing and understanding basic sentences in Persian – such «اسم من علی است. من در تهران زندگی می کنم.». (My name is Ali. I live in Tehran). Since you don’t know the Persian script yet, write down the pronunciation of sentences in your mother tongue or English alphabets.

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3. Use what you can

Don’t be shy to try out your Persian Skills in real life. Pull yourself together and use whatever you can, whether you are going to order your coffee in Persian or start greeting your Persian friends and colleagues with a friendly “سلام، خوبی؟”. It will help you get more comfortable with your Persian pronunciation and the language.

From the beginning, you need to try to implement all the Persian words you know into your sentences and your text messages. That really helps a lot to get used to using Persian on a daily basis.”

4. Put Up Persian Sticky Notes

This is a great trick to learn Persian vocabulary. Get a block of sticky notes and write common Persian vocabulary words on them. Then stick them up to your kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, books, and toothbrush holder. Seeing Persian vocabulary every day in specific spaces will help you remember them better. Also, it will cut down on recall time drastically.

5. Make people correct your language

The last piece of advice for implementing your Persian skills into your daily life is making people correct your language. Maybe it makes you feel uncomfortable.

You have to do an effort to make people correct your language all the time. you can encourage everyone around you to tell you whenever your grammar or pronunciation is wrong. Maybe it will be hard for your self-esteem sometimes, but it’s a great help to finally get fluent in Persian. You have to be very patient with yourself when learning a foreign language and accept that you constantly feel ‘handicapped’ because you can’t sometimes express yourself in that language. But don’t give up, at one point you will feel more confident speaking Persian.

6. Learn Basic Grammar

Maybe you are comfortable with having a conversation in basic Persian. It’s a good time to move towards Persian grammar and correct your conceptions about sentence construction. You can use any good Persian learning book for this or if you can find a tutor that will be great.

7. Tips to Immerse Yourself In Persian

Flying to Iran to learn Persian directly from locals is a luxury. Luckily, you don’t have to invest in a plane ticket to immerse yourself in the Persian language and culture. Here are some examples of how you can bring a piece of Iran to the comfort of your home and develop your Persian fluency.

  • Listen to Persian Music: There is a fascinating and unique contemporary music scene in Iran. Check out Iranian musicians and sing yourself to fluency with their hit singles.
  • Learn About Persian Culture: Persian art, food, and traditions are very interesting. Learn about them to fall in love with Persian culture even more. That could be an excellent motivation to learn Persian too.
  • Watch YouTube Videos: In fact, the best thing about YouTube is that it’s free. And, it also has several useful resources for you. Subscribe to a Persian YouTuber, and listen to authentic Persian as an excellent listening exercise.

8. One day a word

One word a day is definitely better than no word a day. With the help of Word of the day, you will learn one new Persian word every day. You can also listen to the pronunciation and try to use that Persian word in a sentence.

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