Best Equipment for Learning Persian Online

Knowing which kind of equipment you’ll need for online Persian learning is essential if you’re thinking of taking it up. If you’ve reached this decision, then you surely know about all the benefits of online Persian lessons, and you’ve thoroughly prepared for online Persian learning.

All that remains is to become familiar with the various online tools needed to learn Persian. However, in order to learn the tools, first, you need suitable equipment. Okay, let’s take a look at exactly what you will need.

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What equipment is essential for online Persian classes?

Considering the struggles the world’s finding itself in, online learning and teaching have become a matter of necessity. Opening classes is still not considered safe, so what else is there to do? Teaching and learning have to go on.

But, wanting to learn Persian online is one thing. Being prepared to learn Persian online is quite another. There’s some essential equipment you’ll need in order to be able to learn Persian online, and here is the essential equipment.

1. A dependable computer

These days, all of us have either a PC or a laptop. However, not all PCs and laptops are good enough to be used in learning Persian online. In fact, you need a computer that is reliable enough and that will not let you down while class is in session.

2. A stable internet connection

Actually, a good and reliable computer is only one part of the equation that makes a good online learning environment. The question is, what good is a computer that works if your internet is down? So, consult with your internet provider and make sure your internet connection is here to stay.

3. A good microphone

Sure, just about any microphone will do, but you should, at least, try to spend a bit more for a quality one. Yes, your Persian teacher will be able to hear you, but a good microphone eliminates a lot of background noise and makes your voice crisp and clear.

4. An HD webcam

OK, your webcam of choice doesn’t need to be Full HD (1080p), but it should, at least, be 720p. Learning Persian online is a lot more enjoyable when you can see everybody clearly, and when everybody can see you clearly as well.

5. Headset

Some learners prefer using a headset with a microphone rather than speakers and microphone separately. This greatly depends on what works for you better, but you have to definitely consider both options.

6. Desk and Chair 

Usually, some online learners end up spending tons of hours learning Persian online. So, it is important that you be comfortable. In fact, a set of chair and desk will not only keep you comfortable for long hours, but also benefit you by keeping your back straight. Also, this gives a more professional look to your setup.

Our recommendation is this standing desk by VIVO which has a keyboard tray attached. In this case, maybe you need a mobile holder or laptop table to keep the device at eye level.

To keep you comfortable and safe, this ergonomic chair by Oline is suitable and good for you. Actually, it gives your back and arms the support it needs while also looking sleek and stylish in any space.

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What additional equipment might I need for online Persian lessons?

OK, now that all the essential equipment is accounted for, let’s turn our attention to some additional pieces of equipment you might want or need if you plan on taking Persian lessons online. You should note that none of this is a must, and it all depends on your wants and needs.

1. Silent keyboard

If you plan on taking notes during a lesson on your computer or laptop, you should definitely think about using a keyboard with silent keys. Yes, we know that you can mute yourself, but sometimes you need to be present while taking notes too.

2. Flash drive

Sometimes, you might need to print something out and, if you haven’t got a printer, you might need to go to the computer center and do it. So buy a flash drive.

3. Printer

Speaking of printers, you can consider buying one and printing all the notes from your Persian lessons in order to archive them all in a single place.

4. Lighting

If your study area is poorly lit, you need to buy some additional lighting for it. There are kinds you plug into your laptop or computer USB port, so it’s all quite practical while making you look a lot better on camera.

5. Green screen

Looking to make your Persian learning experience a lot more interesting for both you and everybody else involved? You should get a green canvas, place it behind you, and start using virtual backgrounds.

How to learn Persian online?

If you’re eager to learn Persian, all that’s left in these times is to do it online. Now, don’t think of it as a bad thing – far from it, especially if you find a Persian learning site that learns Persian well.

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