Best Places to Visit in Tehran

One of the biggest cities in the world, Tehran is a beautiful and colorful city which is over-occupied by its citizens that is why it is called Tehran “warm slope”. It is full of famed sights and never enough time to see all of them.

Actually, the holiday possibilities in this city are endless. Some people come here to learn more about Persian history and culture, others come specifically to see the sights; Milad Tower, Golestan Palace, Tehran bazaar, and the multiple famous museums. Any season of the year and any day of the week there is an endless array of things to see and do in Tehran.

So, let’s go and explore our 11 unique places and discover what you LOVE about Tehran.

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1) Azadi Tower

Tehran is symbolized by the Azadi tower. It is so attractive and special because tourists are extremely attracted. You can go there by metro or bus and enjoy your time. When the tourists visit it, they get admired for its beauty. It is about 50 meters in height and made of beautifully cut white marble. The tourists enjoy its architecture and the prairie which are around it and the beautiful pools that surround it and add to its glamour. And yes, the museum, which is located inside the tower.

2) Sharifi-ha

It is a seven-floor building that has three rotating blocks that can turn even 90 degrees. The owner of this house is a man named Farshad Sharifi, what he has to do is push a button that will change his view. This house has a gym, swimming pool, and also cinema. This house is a great attention seeker in the capital city of Iran. It has a dynamic architecture from the day it is built (2014). It has an area for winter and another area only for summers.

3) Golestan Palace

If you want to visit Tehran, then you shouldn’t miss Golestan Palace! Its amazing interior is the most attractive feature that amazes all the tourists. The tiles and patterns on the outside walls of the palace are great to watch.

4) Tabiat Bridge

This top place is not ancient but it is a new design in the capital by young architects. This bridge is famous because of its grace and eye-catching structure. It is a great source of entertainment for many youngsters that are in Tehran. This bridge gained so much fame due to the nomination in the global competition. It is used to connect two parks. It is not just a bridge it has multiple restaurants, cafes, and areas to roam around on three floors. It is very strong because it is made up of three pillars. Now, it is a place for people to explore and have fun. This bridge has given a lot of beauty to the city.

5) Paradise Mellat Cinema

Today the youngster can’t live without watching movies. How can this happen that they will visit Tehran and will not watch a movie? So this place is more than perfect to watch movies because it has gained international recognition throughout the world. The most amazing thing about this place is that it is not straight, but is a little arched. After people watched the movies, they can hang out around the cinema.

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6) Tehran bazaar

All the ladies can’t live without this place than how can you forget the bazaar. Tehran bazaar is also famous because of its hustle and bustle and the buying and selling of spices. The most famous products are spices and tea that are in high demand. So, the spice and tea loves should visit it anxiously.

7) Nikbakht house

It is so important because of the great thinking which was with it during its construction. The owner was up with the plan that no tree will be cut to make this house. He made the people think about the life of trees. He didn’t even cut down a single tree during the construction. It is two buildings that each of them has five floors. Such a huge house without even cutting down a tree. His idea gained popularity and influenced people to conserve trees.

8) Orsi Khaneh

Orsi Khaneh is a building in Tehran, the fascinating thing about this building is that it has a very unique architecture because the pioneers of this building decided to build it by making the old architecture in the new design that will fascinate the new people and will also have some ancient importance. They didn’t want the old architecture to just fade away. They wanted to preserve it in their own way. The word “Orsi” is the name of the windows that were in ancient times in Tehran, which are redesigned for this building by the architects. The building is made in such a way that it has a total of seven floors and the first five are apartments and the next is a garden. They used the glass with six colors inside it because the ancient glass which was used years ago in Iran had these colors. They just emphasized making the ancient and old things ripped with modernism. This is the place worth watching because it has both the tastes traditional and advanced.

9) Parks

There are a lot of parks, now it’s the turn of the kids’ place. The place where all the children are happy. Tehran contains a lot of parks not because they have more kids, but because it has bad air. But this bad thing is good for kids as they can enjoy different parks and can visit beautiful scenery and trees.

10) Time museum

It is a very interesting place to visit in Tehran. It has wonderful architecture and buildings. There is a huge garden surrounding the museum. The things that are of great importance in that museum are the arts and crafts of ancient Iranians. Their collection comprises ornamental work, Brickwork, ceilings that are decorated with paintings, tile work, stonework, etc. On the building, there were clocks and watches that were as old as 17s and 18s. That museum also contains one of the main calendars of that time.

11) Milad tower

It is also known as the Tehran tower. It is one of the world’s tallest towers. It comes to the number sixth. This tower contains 12 floors. Each floor has different beauties. The top floor is designed in such a way that it is immune from fire. It contains art galleries, restaurants, and Persian architecture which is amazing.

So. These are some of the top places that you can visit in Tehran.

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