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Tehran Metro is a set of Tehran city trains that are responsible for transporting people in the Tehran region and the city of Karaj. These trains are running on five main lines in different parts of Tehran. Metro transportation system is one of the largest intercity networks in Tehran, which with 7 lines, of which 6 lines are currently active, has been able to connect many parts of Tehran to each other and greatly help intercity travel in the years Has recently. The first subway line of Tehran connected Sadeghieh Square to the city of Karaj. After that, various stations were opened and the Tehran metro was expanded. Of course, Mehrabad Airport and Imam Khomeini Airport lines have been opened and can be used as sub-lines of Tehran Metro.

the length of the operated metro lines in Tehran so far is more than 158 km and the number of active wagons in the Tehran metro is more than a thousand units that move more than three million passengers daily.
Tehran Metro has been operating since 1999. The first active route was Metro Route 5, which carried passengers between Tehran and Karaj. In the past and before the operation of the metro, the people of Tehran used buses, minibuses, taxis, motorcycles and private cars for urban transportation. But today, most people use the subway to get rid of heavy urban traffic in Tehran.

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Tehran metro lines

Line 1: Tajrish-Kahrizak line

Perhaps the longest subway line in Tehran is Tajrish-Kahrizak, which starts in the north of Tehran and ends in the south of Tehran. This metro line is displayed in red on the Tehran metro map. You can also use Line 1 to reach Imam Khomeini Airport and Parand City. This line is 39 km long and the total travel time on line one is about 72 minutes.

Line 2: Sadeghieh – Farhang Sara line

Perhaps it can be said that the busiest metro line in Tehran is the Sadeghieh-Farhangsara line, which is shown in bold blue on the Tehran metro map, and this line starts from Sadeghieh station and is connected to Farhangsara station. The journey to the Cultural Center on the 25 km line from Sadeghieh takes about 47 minutes.

Line 3: Ghaem – Azadegan line

The light blue line or the vertical line towards Azadegan is another line of Tehran metro network that connects the south of Tehran to the north. Line 3 is 33 km long, and subway trains take 63 minutes.

Line 4: Eram Sabz – Shahid Kolahdooz line

The other subway line of Tehran is Eram Sabz station towards Shahid Kolahdooz, which is shown in yellow on the map. It should be noted that from this line you can also go to Mehrabad Airport. Line 4 is 21 km long and takes 43 minutes to get from one station to the other.

Line 5: Sadeghieh – Golshahr line

Green line or the same line 5 in the Tehran metro that connects the two points of Sadeghieh – Golshahr. Line five is 45 km long and the total travel time on this line is about 57 minutes.

Golshahr high-speed trains to Sadeghieh and vice versa

High-speed trains are another factor that makes intercity and suburban travel very fast. Some Line 5 trains run rapidly from Karaj to Tehran and vice versa. These trains have specific and precise departure times and passengers can adjust their travel time with them.

Line 7: Nawab Safavid – Mahdieh line

The purple line in the Tehran metro map is related to the route from Nawab Safavid to Mahdieh. This line, which starts from Nawab Safavid station, reaches Mahdieh station by passing through Roudaki, Kamil, Bryanak and Helal Ahmar stations. The current length of this line is 10 km and it takes 10 minutes to cross it.

Mehrabad Airport Line

Airport lines make suburban travel much easier for travelers, and this is one of the valuable contributions of the Tehran Metro Network. Mehrabad Airport Line is a sub-line of Tehran Metro Line 4, which branches off from the insurance station and has two stations. Terminals 1 and 2 of Mehrabad Airport and Terminals 3 and 4 of Mehrabad Airport, which provide you with access to different parts of the airport. The length of this line is 2.5 km and its travel time is estimated at 5 minutes.

Imam Khomeini Airport and Parand City Line

Another sub-line in the Tehran metro network is the Imam Khomeini Airport line. This Tehran metro line 1 branches off from Shahed-Baqershahr station. This line includes Aftab, Wawan, Imam Khomeini Airport, and Parand city exhibition stations. The length of this line is 31 km and it takes 35 minutes.

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