Valiasr Street

Valiasr Street is the longest street in Tehran and in the Middle East with a length of eighteen kilometers, which starts from the Rah Ahan square (one of the famous squares in the south of Tehran) and reaches Tajrish Square (a famous square in the north of Tehran) in Shemiranat region. Valiasr Street is one of the most beautiful streets in Tehran. This street has a sidewalk, a large stream of water, and nearly 11,000 sycamore trees on both sides, which are more than 90 years old and is now part of the national heritage of Iran.

Valiasr Street, which is the most important and significant street in Tehran, is of great historical, cultural, and political importance. Large shopping malls, beautiful public parks, famous restaurants, museums, cultural centers, and many other important places are located on this street. The biggest parks of Mellat and Saei are located next to this street.

Valiasr is an important street for the citizens of Tehran. Citizens of the capital in the north or south of it have easy access to Valiasr Street. Many shopping malls, corporations, chambers of commerce, parks, entertainment venues, cultural buildings, movie theaters, health centers, and other service centers are located on this street.
Apart from all the above, walking along the plane trees of Valiasr Street is so enjoyable for the residents of Tehran. Today, Valiasr Street is part of the identity of Tehran and an important part of the capital.

The name of Valiasr Street in Tehran was registered in the list of national monuments of Iran on December 27, 2011, due to its high age and outstanding tourism capacity. Since the construction of Valiasr Street, this street has been a place of recreation and walking. Of course, in the past, the use of this street was not available to all people and only government officials used it; But today Valiasr Street is a good place for shopping, entertainment and walking for the residents of the capital.

Valiasr Square in Tehran is one of the most important squares in Tehran, there are commercial centers in Valiasr Square. In addition to various passages and shopping malls, there are many shops on the outskirts of the square, most of which are boutiques. On the southeast side of the square, there are several computer and mobile stores. There are three cinemas around Valiasr Square. Quds Cinema is located on the southwest side of Valiasr Square and Esteghlal and Africa cinemas are located on the north side of this square, on Valiasr Street.

Other attractions of Valiasr Square include snack shops and sandwiches around the square. These restaurants are often the hangouts of students around Valiasr Square and customers of the shopping malls. Valiasr Square is also close to educational centers and universities.
Around Valiasr Square, taxi and bus stations can be seen, and commuting to all different parts of Tehran takes place from this square. Valiasr Square also has a subway station.

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Attractions of Valiasr Street

Valiasr Street is located from cultural and artistic centers to commercial and entertainment centers and historical buildings. In this street, some of the best sights of Tehran can be seen. Let’s review some of the attractions of Valiasr Street.

Ferdows Garden and Cinema Museum

Ferdows Garden and Cinema Museum in Ferdows Garden are some of the most beautiful places on Valiasr Street and are a short distance from Tajrish Square. In the middle of Ferdows Garden, there is a magnificent mansion that dates back to the Qajar period (250 years ago). In the past, this place was a place for national and artistic celebrations. The National Cinema Museum was established in 2002 in Ferdows Garden; The purpose of establishing this museum was to preserve and protect valuable treasures in Iranian cinema. It is so enjoyable to visit this collection for those who are interested in history and culture.

Mellat Park

Mellat Park is one of the oldest parks in Tehran and has complete recreational and sports facilities. Mellat Park has one of the best trails walking areas on Valiasr Street. The lake and fountain of this park have created a pleasant atmosphere and attract many tourists to this park.
Every day in the interior of Mellat Park, there are several sports and public exercise events. Other suitable sports facilities of Mellat Park include tennis tables, children’s skating rink, volleyball and badminton, and handball. Today, Mellat Park is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Tehran.

Daneshjoo Park and Shahr Theater

Daneshjoo park and Shahr theater are among the most prominent entertainment and cultural centers in Tehran. For those interested in theatrical art, the Shahr theater building is one of the most memorable buildings in the capital in the field of performing arts.
The Shahr theater is located in the middle of Daneshjoo park. Near the Daneshjoo park in the center of Tehran is one of the busiest parts of the city. Valiasr crossroads also has good access to educational and university centers.
The architecture of the Shahr theater building has been praised by architectural engineers with signs of original and traditional Iranian architecture as well as its completely modern design. By walking in the Daneshjoo park, you can enjoy watching the architectural beauties of this building and also enjoy watching a theater play in the halls of this complex.

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