Great Tips for Learning Persian With Music and Lyrics

Some learners enjoy listening to music in their free time, and in this article, we’re giving ideas of how you can learn Persian by listening to music as well.

We are sure we all remember the songs that we learned when we were children. We’re not asking you to sing kids’ songs, but music is an excellent way to learn Persian for all age groups.

How can you improve your Persian skills by listening to music?

Listening to songs is another great way for language learners to develop Persian vocabulary and to improve listening skills. You can do something that you enjoy and learn Persian at the same time. We can’t promise that you will achieve Persian fluency just by listening to music, but it’s a good option if your time is limited.

Naturally, you can learn even faster by taking some time to study at home and by taking Persian courses with professional and qualified teachers, but for now, you can think about your favorite music tracks and take a look at our tips and ideas for how to learn Persian by listening to music.

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Ways to learn Persian by listening to music

1. Get familiar with Persian

Pick some of your favorite singers and listen to plenty of songs with Persian lyrics. This will allow you to get used to hearing the language, focus on your pronunciation and understand the different rhythms and tones of Persian.

2. Relax, listen to the song that you love and just enjoy it

studying is more productive when we are in the right mood. We can concentrate better and are more likely to remember what we have learned. Likewise, it can be an advantage to just relax, turn on the music, and listen to (and even sing) Persian songs that you enjoy.

3. Really listen to the lyrics

Persian songs and lyrics contain useful vocabulary, phrases, and expressions including both everyday language and up-to-date colloquial speech. Actually, the language used in lyrics can be casual, tell a simple story or convey strong emotions. The most important key is: these lyrics should help give you a connection to the language, possibly giving you new ways to express your minds and feelings in different situations.

Which lyrics are your favorite? Tell us in the comments section below.

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4. Listen to your favorite songs again and again

If you like songs, then we guess that you already have a playlist of your favorite songs. Maybe you want to create another list of your favorite songs that are only in Persian, which you will listen to again and again.

With repetition, we start to remember the rhythm of the music and even some of the lyrics too. Repetition is a great way to develop Persian vocabulary too, and this is why we remember the words of songs that we haven’t heard for a long time.

5. Break it down

In addition to digesting Persian music, it is very important that you review the lyrics on a regular basis. Break the song down, word by word, and try to master each word so that it becomes part of your Persian vocabulary. Of course, there’s no better way to practice your Persian pronunciation than to sing along. It doesn’t matter if you’re the worst singer in the world, singing can help you remember new Persian words and get used to saying them.

6. Sing from memory

After a while, you should realize that you’re starting to memorize the music. And then you have to take the next big leap. In fact, you should try to sing the song without looking at the lyrics. By achieving this point, you should be able to find that you can embrace your new Persian vocabulary and start including it in your everyday speech.

7. Use songs to develop Persian pronunciation

Persian spelling can often be a problem for language learners because it is different from other languages. Therefore, listening to music can help to improve listening skills and develop Persian pronunciation with examples of how to pronounce words and Persian phrases with rhythm and intonation.

Sometimes, however, you need to be careful, because singers may also change the pronunciation of words. We recommend that you check words in a dictionary.

8. Make lists of words and expressions to develop Persian vocabulary

Listening to music also provides the opportunity to develop Persian vocabulary, but you don’t need to understand every word. Actually, it is better to get a general understanding first, and then you can look at words and expressions in more detail after.

It can also be beneficial to make a list of new Persian vocabulary, and we have a few recommendations. Please write down the new word or expression, and the meaning (in Persian or in your own language), and write down an example sentence that includes the new vocabulary. Then, you need to use the new word or expression yourself. Repetition and practice are some of the best ways to improve your Persian skills.

9. Get the lyrics online

It can be hard to understand all the Persian words when you listen to music. We recommend that you go online and type the name of the song and «lyrics» to find the words. You can even search for specific songs on YouTube because they sometimes come with lyrics as well.

If you read the lyrics and play the song at the same time, you can develop your Persian vocabulary and improve your listening skills together. Also, you can use the lyrics to test your listening skills, by listening first and then reading the lyrics to check your understanding of words.

10. Regularly listen to music (Persian songs)

This is pretty simple! There is almost a lot of choices of songs in Persian, and you just need to find the best time in your daily routine to learn Persian by listening to music. At home, it’s easy to play music, so you might prefer to listen to music on your way to work or when you’re at the gym.

One of the things that you need to improve your Persian skills is a regular pattern. This is possible, for example, you can listen to music while you are commuting to your work. Naturally, you can develop your Persian skills faster if you concentrate more on listening to the music.

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