Is It Possible to Learn Persian So Quickly and Effortlessly?

We are living in a world where advertising tells us to believe we can gain everything quickly and easily with a minimum of effort. In fact, in real life, the best things in life are often gained by working consistently to achieve a goal over time. This is certainly the case when learning how to speak Persian fluently. If you go online, you’ll find several books and websites with catchphrases like: «how to learn Persian fast», «speak great Persian in just 3 weeks» or «the easy way to learn Persian». However, achieving fluent Persian is not so fast and learners who fail to acquire good Persian are usually those who

a) look for a quick fix solution
b) don’t make enough personal investment in their learning in terms of time, effort, and money.

If you really want to know how to speak Persian fluently, avoid fake gimmicks, take responsibility for your own progress, and follow the practical advice in this article.

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1. Think about an overseas study program

Studying abroad can be a great way of becoming more fluent in the Persian language. You can learn Persian professionally in Iranian universities and also when you speak with Iranians, this will help you to improve your Persian speaking.

online Farsi courses on YouTube:

2. Move to Iran

If you visit Iran, you may like it. Moving to Iran can also be an option. In fact, if you place yourself in total immersion on a more permanent basis, you will be highly motivated to both understand and speak Persian. You will learn more quickly so that you can function better in society.

  • It is good to know people before you move to a new foreign country. They can help you to find a place to live, make friends, stay safe, and so on.
  • You might want to visit before making the decision to move to Iran.

3. Clean out that spare room

Websites like Air B’n’B and Couchsurfing can help Iranians who like to travel and see the “real life” of a country. If you have a spare room and would like to host Iranian tourists visiting your city, try registering on these sites. This could provide some good Persian practice, as well as a little extra cash.

4. Surround yourself with Persian media

Another way to practice immersion if you can’t go to a Persian-speaking country is to immerse yourself at home. Make all your media be in Persian. Find Persian radio stations online, watch Persian-speaking movies and TV shows, listen to Persian music, and so on.

  • You can look into changing your computer, tablet, and smartphone language settings to Persian.
  • Whenever you see an option to translate a website, choose to translate it into Persian.

5. Find a friendly foreigner

Overseas friends can be made through work, study, or travel games or etc. If you don’t have any Persian friends, you may want to consider looking online. Social media are a good place to find travel and hobby or learning pages. You could also try looking up on social media for Iranian who are interested in your country and language. These might be pages for expats or just for those interested in travel, culture, and language. If you are outgoing and helpful, it should not be too difficult to find Persian friends and extend an invitation to meet up sometime.

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