How to Learn Persian Faster: 5 useful Tips for Learners

So, you decided to learn Persian. Congrats!

But that’s not enough. Maybe you started studying, you bought yourself a textbook or an online Persian course, and now you’re starting to despair.

Now you don’t just want to learn Persian. You want to know how to learn Persian fast.

Don’t worry. Yes, studying a foreign language does take time, and there’s no fast track to real fluency.

But the good news is, you can get to a very good level of Persian faster than you think.

Here are 5 savvy learning tips to help you learn Persian fast:

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1. Invest in good study materials

In addition to a basic learning guide that will provide some structure for your learning, you’ll need a good English-Persian dictionary for translations, and ideally also a dedicated grammar guide. Also, you’ll need a notebook, lined paper, and a lever arch folder for your notes. You can get some stationery that you enjoy using so that it makes studying more fun!

2. Hire a private Persian tutor

Another option is to hire a private Persian tutor, either to take lessons in person or via Skype. In fact, this gives you the benefit of one-on-one tuition, though you’ll again be doing most of your studying by yourself.

online Farsi courses on YouTube:

3. Make use of Persian words you already know

If you make use of Persian words, you’ll automatically have a huge vocabulary!

And if you know any other languages that have influenced Persian – such as English, Arabic – you have an even bigger head start!

4. Try distance and internet learning

There are several distance learning courses and internet study programs available to help you learn Persian, which typically work out cheaper, but actually, you risk remaining almost as isolated as you would be if you learned independently. If you do go for this option, try to find Persian speakers to talk to via Skype so that you still get the benefit of real conversation and interaction with others.

5. Set aside time for homework each day

Be regimental in your approach to studying Persian, and set aside a dedicated amount of time each day to do homework. Keep away from all distractions, such as the TV, your phone, friends, or your computer, and stick to your allotted time every day.

Useful Tips:

1. Don’t Be Afraid of Making Mistakes

Most learners are usually afraid of looking stupid and don’t even try to speak the Persian language until they’re sure of their skills. We think that’s the biggest mistake you can make. Please talk, make mistakes, and ask people to correct you. But learn Persian words first, before you master your grammar.

Remember that some native English speakers can’t even speak or spell in English properly, so you learning another language (such as Persian) is an achievement already.

2. Do your learning daily

Regularity is a key way to learn Persian faster. The same is true for any habit you want to foster and improve: practice, practice, practice! But the good news is that you don’t have to spend some hours with your head in a book to make it happen. After all, that’s also not the fastest way to learn Persian! 10 to 15 minutes every day is more than enough to make fast progress when learning a foreign language.

3. Don’t get caught up in grammar

Please don’t obsess over grammar! We know, grammar is important, but vocabulary beats it every time. Learning the basics of grammar is enough for a beginner learner to get by, and you can dedicate more time to it later on. If you’re hoping to learn Persian quickly, you don’t need to be a grammar master. Once you know the basics of Persian grammar, you can use your knowledge to get around difficult situations. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether you need to learn a specific grammar point.

4. Learn the sounds of Persian

If you’re looking for the fastest way to learn Persian, listening, and speaking are half the battle. Two of the biggest hurdles in learning Persian are speaking like a native, and understanding fast speech. The best way to sail over this hurdle is to learn the sounds of Persian. This will help you with your Persian pronunciation and comprehension skills. The best method is to check out YouTube videos about the Persian alphabet and the most common sounds that are specific to Persian.

5. Get Started with the Easiest and Fastest Way to Learn Persian

You’re all clued up! Now that you have the tricks for learning Persian quickly and easily, you can get on track with your language learning and achieve your goals. You’ve got this!

For more tips and tricks on your journey, don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel, Instagram, and Telegram channel! And if you’ve got any of your own secrets for speeding up the Persian learning process, let us know in the comments!

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