Top 5 Persian Learning Mistakes

The question is: what are the most common learning mistakes that Farsi learners make? Which mistakes do most Persian learners need to correct, in order to learn Persian much faster?

Here are the top 5 Persian Learning Mistakes:

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1. Focusing too much on some areas of Persian

If you want to be fluent in a foreign language, you have to be good at all these areas:


Many learners make the error of focusing too much on 1 or 2 areas, and they end up being weak in the other areas. So you might be GREAT at doing grammar exercises, but really bad at reading. Or maybe you’re excellent at listening, but you can hardly speak at all. Or maybe you have a terrific vocabulary, but your grammar is full of problems.

Make sure to balance all these aspects of Persian – one tip is to dedicate one day per week to studying and practicing each area, so Monday you practice speaking, Tuesday you work on reading, and so on.

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2. Forcing Speech

Both Persian students and teachers try to force speech before the learner is ready. The result is that most students speak Persian very slowly, with no confidence and no fluency. Forcing speech is a big mistake. Don’t force speech. Please focus on listening and be patient. Speak only when you are ready to speak Persian – when it happens naturally. Until then, never force it.

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3. Learning Only Formal Persian Textbook

Unfortunately, some Persian students learn only the formal Persian textbooks. The problem is– native speakers don’t use that kind of Persian in most situations. When speaking to friends, family, or co-workers, native Persian speakers use casual Persian that is full of idioms, phrasal verbs, and slang. To communicate with native Persian speakers, you must not rely only on textbooks.. you must learn casual Persian.

4. Trying To Be Perfect

Students and teachers usually focus on mistakes. They worry about mistakes. They correct mistakes. They feel nervous about mistakes. They try to speak perfectly. However, no one is perfect. Native speakers make mistakes too. You will too. Instead of focusing on the negative, you should focus on communication. Your goal is not to speak Persian «perfectly», your goal is to communicate ideas, information, and feelings in a clear and understandable way. Focus on communication and focus on the positive. You will solve your mistakes in time.

5. Not studying in a way that you enjoy

Learning and mastering a language takes a long time and takes effort. So it’s very important to learn Persian in a way that you enjoy! Don’t read Persian books that you don’t find interesting, or use an app or a software program that you think is boring and confusing, or watch movies in Persian that you don’t enjoy. If you do that, then Persian learning will become something that you hate or you don’t look forward to.

Instead, we’d highly encourage you to learn Persian in a way that you enjoy – maybe that’s through an app, or maybe it’s through informal conversations with tourists in your country.

And when reading or listening in Persian, choose topics you enjoy. What do you normally enjoy reading or listening to in your mother tongue? Everyone is different, and everyone learns best in different ways, so you need to find what is most enjoyable and easiest for you.

When you’re doing something you enjoy and it’s interesting for you, you’re much more likely to do it often and do it consistently in the long term. And that is the way to make great progress in Persian.

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