10 Ideas to Improve Your Persian Speaking Skills

Are you looking to learn Persian but are afraid of not being able to become fluent in it? This article reveals the top 10 effective ideas to improve your Persian-speaking skills.

Being versed with the language is much easier than speaking Persian fluently which involves lots of learning work, reading, talking, and practicing in Persian.

Have a look at some of the finest methods to improve your Persian-speaking skills, practice and implement the following tips to speak Persian fluently.

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Improve your Persian speaking skills in 10 steps

1. Don’t Study Persian in a stretch

Continuing Persian study for a long span can initially give you severe headaches. Please read it for a short span with a refreshing break in between study sessions so that you grasp what you study and indulge in quality studying.

2. Lock yourself in the room and talk to yourself in Persian in front of a mirror

Others might have suggested you before too but it seriously works. Talk with yourself in front of the mirror; if possible enact a role play be it a teacher-student, cook, a Persian actor delivering a speech, etc. It facilitates an improvement in giving a response in Persian in distinct situations. This will also remove hesitation as well in overcoming pauses that usually strike while trying to speak the Persian language.

3. Go on to listen to Persian audio anytime and anywhere

Stuff that we hear again and again gets easily stored in our memory. Try to listen to Persian audio as much as possible to be able to speak fluently. This may result in a dual benefit of improving listening skills along with getting versed with the Persian language. The finest ways to get a hold of Persian is to practice the process of hearing, understanding, and finally speaking. Try to memorize what you heard while watching a Persian movie or a TV show like news or you can make a keyword list that you can go through frequently.

4. Switch on your TV to watch Persian game shows

Every one of us loves watching game shows and mostly knows what next anchors are going to utter, and in this way, you can learn Persian quite easily.

5. Repeat or revise as much as possible

Repetition and revision is the key to learning a new language. Just go on to repeat so that you don’t forget it so easily.

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6. Read Persian out loud

This could be a little problematic, but reading Persian loud will work for sure. Reading is the best mode to deal with the complexity involved in the language of Persian. This would help the reader in the composition of sentences and Persian dialogue.

7. Converse with  your friends in Persian

This will work cent percent as while conversing with your friend, you will get to hear some new and old Persian words that will be an aid in speaking as well as memorizing.

8. Don’t translate

It is quite obvious that initially while learning, you may translate a bit of Persian to English, but try to avoid it as much as possible. It is quite possible that you can understand the context of a phrase or sentence or even paragraph even though you might not know the direct meaning/translation of every Persian word. Try not to translate!

9. Don’t adopt a new studying style

Stick to your old and effective style of studying that has delivered your results earlier and better. If you get to learn easily while reading aloud or by practicing in writing, simply practice it to learn and speak Persian quickly.

10. Be serious in your studying

Don’t just laugh at it. By being serious in your language class and following the instructions of your Persian teacher, you can learn Persian easily. Have a deep study of your Persian course as it is similar to learning Persian in Iran.

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