Persian Most Common Phrases: Greeting

Iranian people are one of the most hospitable and kind people in the world. When you speak Persian to them, they will not only be happy but also encourage you.
We have many phrases in Persian and they are very sweet. You can use these phrases to start your conversation to look more professional!

In this article, we have listed the most common phrases of Persian greetings. You can easily start your conversation by learning these phrases.

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Here are the most common Persian greetings phrases:

احوا لپرسی
Greeting ahvâlporsi
English Pronunciation Persian
Hello! salâm سلام!
How are you? chetori? چطوری؟
How are you doing? hâletun chetore? حالتون چطوره؟
I’m fine! khubam. خوبم!
Not too bad! bad nistam بد نیستم!
How are doing? chikar mikoni? چیکار می کنی؟
What’s up? che khabar? چه خبر؟
Everything’s good! salâmati سلامتی
Tanks god! khodâro shokr. خدا رو شکر
Is everything’s alright? hamechi khoobe? همه چی خوبه؟
How’s your family? khunevâdat chetoran? خونوادت چطورن؟
Have a nice day! ruz khubi dâshte bâshi. روز خوبی داشته باشی!
Good morning sobh bekheir صبح بخیر!
Good evening asr bekheir عصر بخیر!
Good night! shab bekheir شب بخیر!
Good night! shab khosh شب خوش!
Have a good day! ruz bekheir روز بخیر!
Have a good time. oghâte khubi dâshte bâshi. اوقات خوبی داشته باشی.
Hope to see you again. omidvâram bâz ham bebinamet. امیدوارم باز هم ببینمت.
Goodbye. khodâhâfez. خداحافظ.
See you later! Ba’d mibinamet بعد می بینمت
So long! be omide didâr به امید دیدار!

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