The 10 Best Persian Language-Learning Tips

If you are someone who wishes to understand something about Iranian culture, learning the Persian language is the easiest thing you can do. You may also have your own reasons to learn the Persian language.

Whatever your reasons are, here are ten nifty tips you can use to learn the Persian language.

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10 Tips

1. Stick to a method you are comfortable with

If you are planning to learn the Persian language, know what learning technique suits you best. we suggest you, listen, speak, then learn. It’s a good technique that works.
Make a fixed schedule that you stick with, no matter what it is. The Persian language you are planning to learn needs to come to you organically. If you have to force yourself to recall the words, you haven’t learned this language.

2. Have fun while you learn

If you enjoy doing something such as learning, it doesn’t feel like work. In fact, you’ll cherish the Persian language learning process if the medium you used to learn is fun. We don’t recommend beginning with the reading. Reading a text in the Persian language is a little hard. If you don’t understand Persian text, you’ll not enjoy its premise. If you don’t enjoy the reading process, you’ll lose your interest quickly.
Humming songs in the Persian language is also an easy way to make language lessons fun.

3. Keep your language learning target in mind

People learn the Persian language for a variety of reasons. You should know your reasons, your needs that are compelling you to learn this beautiful language. If you want to travel to Iran, only focus on the basic traveler’s vocabulary and grammar. If you are planning to be a food blogger, study Persian vocabulary that covers all cuisines in this language.
you want to listen to Iranian music without subtitles. you should focus on learning conversational Persian instead of academic Persian.

4. Contextualize the language

If Persian flashcards and meticulous notes are your things, go for it. We don’t suggest investing that much time and effort into learning new words by rote. Instead, try immersing yourself in this language. That way, you’ll also have fun while you learn Persian.

5. Don’t let fear find you

Often, the barrier to Persian language acquisition is emotional rather than intellectual. We fear, feeling stupid. We feel as if we aren’t great enough. See, remember that you’re learning a different language from scratch, that’s admirable. Confidently learn Persian words with no fear of judgment.

6. Have a dedicated language learning space

Based on the learning style you have picked, choose a learning zone in your space. If you prefer to learn alone, learn at home. If you prefer to learn in a social setting, get an instructor or learn the language with a group that’s also learning Persian. It’s easy to find cyber Persian language companions these days so you might give that option a try.

7. Commit gradually

If you financially invest in learning this language initially, you are putting undue psychological pressure on yourself. Instead, what we suggest is learning firstly using freely available YouTube videos. You can also use the 30-day free trial option on different language learning websites and apps.

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8. Hone your listening skills

New-born babies pick up on their mother’s tongue just by listening to the languages of their surroundings. If babies could do it, so you could too.
Additionally, listening to the Persian language will help you with pronunciations. No matter how well you write this language, if people don’t understand you when you speak Persian, your language learning ordeal won’t bear the delicious fruits you wanted it to.
We recommend using podcasts.

9. Set small milestones and reward yourself frequently

We are human. If you reward yourself frequently, you’ll be compelled to learn Persian more. Set small goals for yourself like mastering the alphabet or learning 10 verbs, etc. Once you meet those goals, reward yourself with something you like.

10. Find the connections

Every language has an underlying logic to it. The logic could be structural, analytical, idiographic, symbolic, or something like these. Figure out what logic the Persian language uses on your own instead of googling it from the get-go.

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